National Cooperative Confederation

The National Cooperative Confederation (French: Confédération nationale des coopératives), abbreviated NCC (CNC), is the national cooperative federation and employers' organisation of Gylias.

It was established in 1958 during the transition from the Free Territories to Gylias, as the cooperative counterpart of the General Council of Workers' Unions and Associations. It serves as a national confederation of cooperatives and cooperative federations. As all companies are legally cooperatives, the NCC thus encompasses all economic activities in Gylias.

The NCC coordinates the activities of cooperatives, represents their interests in public, participates in decentralised planning, and coordinates the organisation of cooperative services. It is a close partner of the GCWUA in the economy. It promotes cooperative interests in public policy and with local and federal governments.

It is strongly influenced by anarchism and follows the Rochdale Principles. Internally there is a diversity of economic and political viewpoints, united by a common support of co-operative economics and the Gylian consensus.