The Artalias
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Countries22 sovereign states
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The Artalias (also collectively called Artalia; Vierz: Artalien, Borish: Artalië, Savic: Artallen, Apelian: Artallie) are the two continents of North and South Artalia.



List of sovereign states

Flag Name Area
Population density
(per km2)
Capital Name(s) in official language(s) Official languages
Aranquia Aranquia 40,474,373 Acarimedo Aranquia Tieradan
Cape Ark Cape Ark 30,575,494 Aschvel Kaap Ark Borish
Template:Country data Chacay Chacay 2,404,354 Kalbo Tschakeien Vierz
Gulland Gulland 10,547,322 Haraldstad Gulland Savic
Template:Country data North Hadranes Hadranes, North 156,939 Breivik Nordhadranene Savic
Template:Country data South Hadranes Hadranes, South 79,401 Lepidi Südhadranen Vierz
Havenland Havenland 8,903,327 Heldenburg Havenland Borish
Hevatia Hevatia 192,501,216 Tijakia Hevatië Borish
Template:Country data Larancia Larancia 7,494,783 Valonco Larancia Tieradan
Template:Country data Litmar Litmar 4,565,077 Prinzen Litmar Vierz
Template:Country data V Meridia Meridia 4,101,839 Potima Meridia Tieradan
Template:Country data Pacannia Pacannia 12,145,093 Acersa Pacannie Apelian
Template:Country data Pavelia Pavelia 320,943 Pavelia City Pawelien Vierz
Preisland Preisland 17,776,440 Crimnitz Preißland Apelian
Template:Country data Raupan Raupan 5,844,968 Lendern Raupan Vierz
Remeria Remeria 25,934,597 Stresow Reimaren Vierz
Tacalia Tacalia 15,469,682 Kolvereid Takaland Savic
Vestana Vestana 43,187,317 Eurasburg Westanien Vierz
Villera Villera 12,384,319 Contina Willern Vierz
Vonzumier Vonzumier 251,471,881 Niederau Wonzumier Vierz
Template:Country data Voupilia Voupilia 22,473,767 Saint-Francis Voupilays Apelian