Battle at Kalodin

Battle at Kalodin
Part of the War of the Velaran Succession
Date15 November 1769
Result decisive Arimathean and Trellinese victory
 Isles of Velar
Commanders and leaders
Arimathea Adm. Kerhnai Eloradi
Trellin Adm. Tizarek Er'hani
Isles of Velar Adm. Ransal Vilursa
18 Arimathean and
5 Trellinese ships of the line with 1,488 guns
16 ships of the line with 1,074 guns
8 frigates with 228 guns
1,302 guns total
Casualties and losses
4 ships destroyed
1,687 dead, 312 wounded
7 ships destroyed, 2 captured
3,400+ dead and wounded
422 captured

The Battle at Kalodin was a major naval engagement in the War of the Velaran Succession, fought on 15 November 1769. A joint Arimathean-Trellinese fleet under admirals Kerhnai Eloradi and Tizarek Er'hani encountered the bulk of the Velaran navy, under Admiral Ransal Vilursa, off the northern coast of Morikz where they waited en route to Jajich.

The battle was the largest naval engagement of the war, with over three dozen ships of the line between the two sides. It was the first and most important victory for the Trellinese and Arimatheans at sea, and it crippled the ability of Prince Miró's navy to remain on the offensive. After Kalodin, their fleets would almost exclusively act in a supporting role for their armies, unable to stray too far from Velaran waters.


The battle

The Arimathean centre engages the Velaran flagship Qúnoitxen


Order of battle


  • bote (74), Flagship, Admiral Kerhnai Eloradi


  • SCS Karlaië (72 guns), Flagship, commanded by Admiral Tizarek Er'hani


  • Qúnoitxen (76), Admiral Ransal Vilursa
  • Mayua (88)