Caraqi Campaign

Caraqi Campaign
Part of the Silent War
Caraqi Liberation Army soldiers during the Third Battle of Sakaban in 1987
Caraqi tribal leaders discussing operations
Vierz prisoner-of-war camp for captured Caraqi independence fighters
Vierz marines landing in Makharia in 1980
Date1 July 1978 – 14 February 1993
(14 years, 10 months, 1 week and 6 days)
West Oridia, North Tusola, and the Oriental Sea

Victory of pro-independence groups

 Vierz Empire

Nationalist and Tariqist rebels

Kulan Kulan

 Caraq Union

wikipedia:Islamism Army of God in Ekalla
Commanders and leaders
Vierz Empire Jens Pohl
Vierz Empire Philipp Lorenz
Vierz Empire Stefan Vogt
Vierz Empire Uwe Scholz
Vierzland Heinrich Werner
Kulan Munsif Noorani
Ekalla Eshmun II
Caraq Union Zaki Bousaid

The Caraqi Campaign (Vierz: Karakische Kampagne), also known as the Caraqi–Vierz War or in Caraqi countries as the Great Liberation War (حرب التحرير الكبرى Harb Altahrir Alkubraa), was a colonial war fought broadly between the military forces of the Vierz Empire and its successor state, the Vierz Federation, and pro-independence nationalist groups in Vierz colonies in West Oridia and North Tusola.