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A fictionalized alternative history of the world based on if the communist system persisted without Gorbachev. The result is a mixture of larp, speculative thoughts, and half-assed attempts at populations in the modern age.

How do you get the numbers for the population?

I don't care too much about accuracy, but I hate just guessing numbers for the population, so I tend to seek out the average population growth rate of the Soviet republic from 1983 to 1984 (if information is available from that time), get that number, and then plug it in to some other calculations to get the present number. There are plenty of reasons why you should not do this, it is definitely not going to be accurate as it does not take into account deaths in the population as well as the decrease in fertility and a multitude of other different things. If I were to try and actually figure out the population of everything and take into consideration all the other stuff I would still be on the Russian SFSR page.

Why are all of these labeled with "(TheodoresTomfooleries)"?

1 thing: I want to distinguish my fiction from other potential future creations so as to not clog up the "Soviet Union" namespace with my fiction. The Soviet Union is already a pre-... non-existing? country, so it would be a bit snobbish to just say that "The city of Minsk belongs to ME!" or anything else. If people would like to, they can create their own Byelorussian SSR page, or Riga page, or whatever the sorts.

How do you get the photos?

They're all made up! ... Mostly. The more "good looking" photos are AI-Generated by NovelAI but they may occasionally be based on real images.

When will this be finished?

When I feel like it is.

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