Soviet Ground Forces (TheodoresTomfooleries)

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Ground Forces of the USSR
Сухопутные войска СССР
Emblem of the Soviet Ground Forces
FoundedFebruary 25, 1946; 78 years ago (1946-02-25)
Country Soviet Union
RoleLand warfare
Size3,670,032 active (2020)
Nickname(s)"Red Army"
Motto(s)"За нашу Советскую Родину!"
"Za nashu Sovetskuyu Rodinu!"
"For our Soviet motherland!"
ColorsRed and yellow
MarchInvincible and Legendary
Commander-in-ChiefArmy General Davyd Loboda
FlagFlag of the Soviet Union (TT).svg
Emblem of the Soviet Ground ForcesRed-army-star-symbol.png

The Ground Forces of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Ground Forces; Ground Forces of the USSR) (Russian: Сухопутные войска СССР, romanized: Sukhoputnye Voyska SSSR), also known as the Soviet Army and popularly as the Red Army, are the main land warfare service branch of the Soviet Armed Forces.

Originally known as the the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army before 1946, the Soviet Ground Forces constitute the world's largest land warfare service branch by personnel count in the world, with a reported 3.67 million people actively serving in the army in 2020, and the second-largest land warfare service branch by budget. The Soviet Ground Forces constitute the Soviet Army, also consisting of the Air Defence Forces, the Air Forces, and the Strategic Rocket Forces.