Premier of the Soviet Union (TheodoresTomfooleries)

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Chairman of the Council of Ministers
Председатель Совета министров
Coat of arms of the Soviet Union (1956–1991).svg
State Emblem of the Soviet Union
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
Flag of the Soviet Union
Aleksander Keskula.jpg
Aleksander Keskula
since 2014
Council of Ministers
StyleMr. Premier
His Excellency
AbbreviationChairman of SOMIN
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
Reports toSupreme Soviet, Council of Ministers
ResidenceMoscow Kremlin
AppointerSupreme Soviet
Term length5 years (2 terms)
Constituting instrument2002 Soviet Constitution
PrecursorChairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet Union
Formation15 March, 1946
First holderJoseph Stalin
Unofficial namesPremier of the Soviet Union

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union (Russian: Председатель Совета министров СССР; tr. Pryedsyedatyel' Sovyeta Ministrov SSSR) is the head of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, the government of the Soviet Union consisting of the executive and administrative agencies of the Soviet Union. They are considered the Head of Government of the Soviet Union.

The Chairman's responsibilities include directing the activities of the Soviet government, selecing candidates for members of the government, making proposals to the Supreme Soviet for the appointment and dismissal of members of the government, the representation of the Soviet Union in international affairs, and the coordination of the activities of their deputies among others. In non-Soviet media, the Chairman is often referred to as "the Premier", similar to the Chairman of the Presidium being referred to as "the President".