Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union (TheodoresTomfooleries)

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Supreme Soviet of the USSR

Верховный Совет СССР

Verkhovnyy Sovyet SSSR
19th Supreme Soviet
Badge worn by deputies of the Supreme Soviet
Badge worn by deputies of the Supreme Soviet
HousesSoviet of Nationalities
Soviet of the Union
FoundedDecember 5, 1936 (1936-12-05) (First session)
Preceded byCongress of Soviets
Sabrican Garayev, CPSU
since 2024
The Supreme Soviet as of the 2024 elections
Political groups
  Communist Party of the Soviet Union: 1,749 seats
  Independents: 251 seats
Length of term
5 years
Direct election
First election
12 December 1937
Last election
4 March 2024
Next election
4 March 2029
Workers of the world, unite!
Meeting place
Palace of the Soviets
Palace of the Soviets
(Joint sessions of both houses)

The Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union is the main bicameral legislative body of the federal government of the Soviet Union. It consists of the Soviet of Nationalities and Soviet of the Union, which represent the nationalities and the union republics respectively. The Supreme Soviet meets at the Kremlin Presidium in Moscow. Deputies of the Supreme Soviet are directly elected by eligible members of the Soviet population via universal suffrage every 5 years, and elections have been held to the Supreme Soviet since 1937.

The 1936 Constitution established the Supreme Soviet as a legislative body, but the Supreme Soviet did not supersede the Congress of Soviets as the supreme legislative authority until its first session on 12 January, 1938.