President of the Soviet Union (TheodoresTomfooleries)

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Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet
Председатель Президиума Верховного Совета
Coat of arms of the Soviet Union (1956–1991).svg
State Emblem of the Soviet Union
Standard of the Chairperson
Yelena Mikhailova.jpg
Yelena Mikhailova
since 2019
Presidium of the Supreme Soviet
StyleMiss/Mr. President
Her/His Excellency
AbbreviationChairperson of the Presidium
Member ofPresidium of the Supreme Soviet
Reports toSupreme Soviet of the USSR
ResidenceMoscow Kremlin
AppointerSupreme Soviet
Term length5 years
Constituting instrument2002 Soviet Constitution
PrecursorCentral Executive Committee of the Soviet Union
Formation17 January, 1938
First holderMikhail Kalinin
Unofficial namesPresident of the Soviet Union

The Chairperson of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (Russian: Председатель Президиума Верховного Совета; tr. Predsedatelʹ Prezidiuma Verxovnogo Soveta), alternatively Chairman and often referred to as the President is the head of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet which serves as the collective head of state of the Soviet Union. The Chairperson ultimately does not carry any authority separate from their other cabinet members, but as the leading member of the collective leadership they are often used as a representative of the entire Presidium.