Soviet Union Broadcasting Network (TheodoresTomfooleries)

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All-Union Broadcasting Network
TypeMass & state media
Founded9 March 1938; 86 years ago (9 March 1938)
TV stationsChannel "NOFO"
Channel "DOKU"
Channel "PLAKA"
Channel "SPORT"
Channel "RAZA"
Broadcast area
Soviet Union
Launch date
9 March 1938; 86 years ago (9 March 1938)
Former names
Soviet Central Television (CT USSR)
Picture format
DVB (1080i 16:9 HDTV
Official website

The All Union Broadcasting Network (Russian: Всесоюзная сеть вещания; tr. Vsyesoyuznaya Syet' Vyeschaniya), often abbreviated as "VSV" or "SBN", is the state-ran Broadcast network of the Soviet Union. Currently, there are 5 TV stations available:

  • "NOFO" - short for Novosti i Informatsiya, the domestic and international news station
  • "DOKU" - short for Dokumyental'nyiye Fil'myi i Obrazovaniye, the documentary and educational station
  • "PLAKA" - short for Ploschadka, the children's programming station
  • "SPORT" - short for Sportivnyiy, the sports station
  • "RAZA" - short for Razvlyechyeniya, the entertainment station