Council for Mutual Security and Development

Flag of Council for Mutual Security and Development Senrian: 相互安全保障開発協議会 Baean: 상호 안보 및 개발 협의회 Sivathran: ಕೌನ್ಸಿಲ್ ಫಾರ್ ಮ್ಯೂಚುಯಲ್ ಸೆಕ್ಯುರಿಟಿ ಅಂಡ್ ಡೆವಲಪ್ಮೆಂಟ್ Dakatan: Sawv daws rau Kev Sib Koom Tes Kev Nyab Xeeb thiab Kev Tsim Kho Kasine: สภาเพื่อความมั่นคงและการพัฒนาร่วมกัน
Motto: "平和を守る"
"Defend Peace"
Anthem: 平和を守る
Defend Peace
Map of COMSED members
Members of COMSED in dark blue, economic associates in blue, and observers (Estmere) in light blue.
HeadquartersKeisi, Senria
Official languages
TypeSupranational military alliance and free trading area
• Chairwoman
Hwa Hye-su
• Supreme Commander of COMSED Forces
Daizen Ikeda
• 2020 estimate
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
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The Council for Mutual Security and Development, commonly referred to simply as COMSED, is a regional economic and military intergovernmental organization located primarily in the continent of Coius. As of 2020, COMSED has 6 permanent members, 3 economic associates, and 1 observer. It is headquartered in Keisi, Senria.

The precursor to COMSED were the various cooperation agreements signed between Senria, Sivathra, and Baekjeong in economic and security fields. Deepening cooperation between the three led to the Treaty of Sakata signed in 1981 creating COMSED, and initially functioned primarily as a collective security arrangement. In subsequent decades, however, the organization's scope has expanded vastly, with full members having access to a free-trade area and intelligence and technology sharing, travel agreements and both full members and economic associates having access to a multilateral development bank, economic and financial support, university cooperation programs, and cultural exchange programs. The organization's stated purpose is "to promote in a multilateral and equitable fashion international diplomacy, commerce and development, liberalization, intercultural exchange, and security in Coius and Kylaris as a whole".

COMSED cooperates heavily with the Euclean Community and with international financial organizations such as GIFA. It has has traditionally been regarded as a rival to the IFDS and ROSPO, with which it competes for economic and military influence in Coius. COMSED maintains a global network of partners and associates, and is considered to be one of the most prominent organizations in Coius. COMSED is also one of the largest advocates of trade liberalization and democracy in Kylaris, underpinning much of the modern democratic order.


Members and associates


List of countries in COMSED

Name Capital Population GDP Nominal (Millions) GDP PC Nominal Region Head of State Government type
 Arthakhand Nadipatnam 107,281,772 $571,168 $5,324 Satria Abhijit Kamalanayan Unitary presidential republic
 Baekjeong Sangang 80,348,293 $2,002,000 $24,917 West Coius Lee Seo-yeon Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Dakata Sangang 57,049,224 $99,323 $1,741 West Coius Suab Kong Unitary parliamentary republic
 Kuthina Chaoburi 109,653,237 $1,067,365 $9,734 Southeast Coius Sivaraksa Unitary parliamentary Semi-constitutional monarchy
 Senria Keisi 258,751,620 $3,808,000 $14,717 West Coius Reika Okura Parliamentary republic
 Sivathra Mangalore 55,210,341 $543,270 $9,840 Satria Sridhar Risheeven Parliamentary republic

Economic associates

Name Capital Population GDP Nominal (Millions) GDP PC Nominal Region Head of State Government type
 Garambura Mutimukuru 17,507,192 $83,474 $4,768 Bahia Sylvain Sikali Unitary presidential republic
 Masari Kanyabahayadha 30,955,202 $70,145 $2,266 Bahia Werner Okonkwo Federative presidential republic
 Rwizikuru Guta raMambo 38,903,392 $41,549 $1,068 Bahia Munashe Ngonidzashe Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

(most of the economic and cultural stuff without the military and espionage stuff)


(standard observers, y'know?)



COMSED's economic features are primary detailed through the Pan-Coian Treaty of Greater Economic Integration signed in 1990. The Treaty stipulates the following terms.

  1. Signatories of the treaty should limit tariffs on the good of other members to at most 5%
  2. Member industries should aim to source at least 30% of their materials from other members or aligned blocs
  3. COMSED will have a common good and firm registry
  4. COMSED will establish a list of preferred and unpreferred firms
  5. Members are blacklisted from doing business with "unpreferred firms"
  6. Members should attempt to reduce trade with countries that occupy member state territory
  7. Member governments are not permitted to source goods and services related to national security from countries that occupy member state territory
  8. Member governments are not allowed contract core infrastructure from firms not on the "preferred list"
  9. Members should liberalize currency flows in between other member states


Foreign relations