Council of State (Caldia)

The Council Chamber at Spálgleann Palace, were subsequent privy councils have met since the 16th century.

The Council of the Crown and of the State, operationally known as the Council of State (Ghaillish: Chomhairle Stáit), as the is the established privy council of Caldia. It serves as an advisory board to to both the Monarch of Caldia and the Government. The constitutional Monarch chairs the Council of State, which has no legal competence but simply advice the crown or government when consulted on extraordinary matters. Membership is formally determined by the monarch, who appoints members, known as State Councilors (Comhairleoirí Stáit), at his or her pleasure. However, through the Instrument for Governance Act of 1965 all members must either be members of the Royal Court, current or former Taoiseachs, or sitting Cabinet Ministers.


It was preceded by the Privy Council of Caldia. The Privy Council was abolished in 1857 through the Instrument for Governance Act of 1857, which established the Crown Council. The Crown Council saw the Great Offices of State co-exist with cabinet posts, with both a member of the civilian government and the privy council serving together. The Laird Privy Seal, Laird Clerk Register, and the High Steward were the three Great Offices that remained independent of a government ministry. With the creation of the Council of the Crown and of the State in 1965, all of the Great Offices of State were merged with Cabinet posts. Cabinet ministers who held corresponding positions hold dual tittles on the Council. The office of the High Steward was replaced by the newly created office of the Head of the Royal Court. Both the Laird Privy Seal and the Laird Clerk Register remained independent offices. The Instrument for Governance Act of 1965 established the Council of State in its current form.


Royal Court

Members of the Royal Court that serve on the council typically consist of the monarch, the heir apparent or heir presumptive, the Head of the Royal Court, and the Royal Chaplin. Other members of the Royal Household or Royal Family can be appointed, but their appointment must be ratified by the sitting council. For example, it was decided that Prince Elton II would be allowed to remain a State Councilor following his abdication.


All living Taoiseachs are members are given membership for life. Should the Taoiseach have been a Cabinet Minister before their acension to the post, their membership is reset as the life tenure of the Taoiseach supersedes the temporary nature of cabinet posts. The incumbent Taoiseach also holds the title of Laird Chancellor. Frank Casarnach was removed from the Council following the guilty verdict in his corruption trial in April 2019


Voting members of the Cabinet of Caldia are also members of the Council of State. Cabinet ministers only hold membership on the Council of State while they serve in the Cabinet. Acting ministers are barred from serving on the Council of State, as the Instrument for Governance Act of 1965 mandates that only permanent members can hold membership.

List of members

Title Member Member Since
Royal Court
King of Caldia Kenneth IV 17 April 2008
Princess of Ghailles Former Princess Emily 22 July 2013
King of Caldia Former The Prince Elton 3 March 1963
Head of the Royal Court Caoimhe Ní Leannáin 1 August 2018
Royal Chaplin The Rev. Lochlainn Mac Cearbhaill 18 February 1999
Laird Privy Seal The Lady Ballyvaughan 17 May 2013
Taoiseach and Laird Chancellor Stiofán Mac Suibhne 7 May 2018
Taoiseach Emeritus Humphrey Dumfries 5 January 2019
Taoiseach Emeritus Jimmy O'Reilly 20 April 2017
Taoiseach Emeritus Alexis Walker 17 June 2007
Taoiseach Emeritus Énna Ó Ceallaigh 18 June 2002
Taoiseach Emeritus Séamus Ó Faoláin 17 March 2002
Taoiseach Emeritus Niamh Nic Uilliam 15 June 1992
Taoiseach Emeritus Patricia Flowers 21 June 1982
Cabinet Ministers
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Laird Secretary Séamus Ó Faoláin 27 February 2019
Minister of Defence and Laird High Marshall Dòmhnall Mac Dhòmhnaill 27 February 2019
Minister of Finance and Laird High Treasurer Pádraigín Níc Aodhagain 27 February 2019
Minister of the Interior and Laird High Constable Morgan Dougharty 27 February 2019
Minister of Justice and Equality and Laird Advocate Deirbhile Ní Ríain 27 February 2019
Chief Justice and Laird Clerk Registrar Bríanna Ni Flaithbheartaigh 3 November 2011
Deputy Chief Justice and Laird Clerk Registrar-depute Fionntán Mac Giolla Eoin 2 February 1994