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Fausta Tarpeia

Fausta Tarpeia
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Queen consort of Burgoy
Tenure25 September 2000 – present
PredecessorCharlotte of Ghant
Born (1963-06-18) 18 June 1963 (age 57)
Velia House, Castellum ab Alba, Latium
Full name
Fausta Tarpeia Anicia Anna Eugenia Victoria
HouseTarpeia (by birth)
Burgoy (by marriage)
FatherDuke Constantine Tarpeius
MotherPrincess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Queen Fausta of Burgoy (Fausta Tarpeia Anicia Anna Eugenia Victoria; b. 18 June 1963) is the Queen of Burgoy as the wife of Charles VII, who became monarch of the Lyncanestrian federal state of Burgoy on 25 September 2000. Fausta is the eldest child and daughter of Duke Constantine Tarpeius and Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna.

Early Life

Fausta was born on 18 June 1963 at Velia House in Castellum ab Alba to parents then Duke Constantine Tarpeius and his wife Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna as the couple's first child. At the time of her birth, Fausta was third in line to the Latin throne by virtue of being the daughter of a Latin princess and granddaughter of Emperor Constantine XIX; as well as the heir to the Dukedom of Haenna. She was christened at the Basilica of St. Maria Outside the Walls in Castellum by Leontius Canuleius, Patriarch of Alba. Her godparents were Diana Augusta (her mother's sister); and Arcadius Vitruvius (her father's close friend).

Fausta primarily resided in Castellum for her early childhood, living in Velia House until she was twelve. In 1978 her family moved out of Velia House and to the countryside to the west of Castellum and the town of Colonia Augusta. Fausta would reside at her parent's estate in Colonia Augusta until her marriage in 1985.


Fausta first began her education in at the age of seven in 1970, initially delayed for currently unknown reasons. Her entire primary and secondary educations were handled by private tutors and governesses that were hired her father and later aunt, Diana Augusta, to provide lessons in maths, literature, history, and art. During interviews later in life, Fausta has said that she does not look back fondly on her education, and according to those close to her, she says that it hindered her social skills and contributed to crippling social anxiety.

After turning 18, Fausta enrolled at Galata College at the University of Haenna where her studies focused on literature. At Haenna, Fausta participated in student book clubs and ballroom dancing clubs.

Personal Life

Fausta is an avid reader, and is noted to have a personal library of over 1,000 books or manuscripts, including works such as X, Y, and Z. Though Latin is her native tongue, Fausta is multilingual and fluent in Hellenic, and Anglic. Since her marriage to Charles, Fausta has also become conversant in Audonic and Burgoyard.

Fausta is also the patron to a multitude of charitable organizations, most of which are located in Burgoy. She undertook her first Burgoyard charity event with the founding of the Royal Foundation for Reading and Educational Enhancement in 1986 to support reading and education among Burgoyard boys and girls, later extending to cover all of Lyncanestria in 1991.

Marriage to Charles VII

In 1983, the Burgoyard Royal Office announced that the then Charles, Crown Prince of Burgoy was open to potential suitors, and that a ball would be held in May. Fausta travelled to Azou-la-Riselle with her father Duke Constantine for a ball hosted by King Charles VI of Burgoy, his wife Charlotte of Ghant. It was there that she first met Crown Prince Charles. Palace staff present during Fausta's visit told the press that Charles was taken with Fausta immediately and days later a betrothal agreement was announced by the Royal Office and a spokesperson of The Duke of Haenna. Still a university student at the time, the agreement announced that Fausta and Charles would wed after she completed her education in 1985.


Titles, styles, and honors

  • 18 June 1963 – 22 August 1985: Countess Rutupiae
  • 22 August 1985 – 25 September 2000: Her Highness The Crown Princess of Burgoy
  • 25 September 2000 – present: Her Majesty The Queen of Burgoy



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Fausta Tarpeia
Tarpeia family
Born: 18 June 1963
Lines of succession
Preceded by
The Dowager Duchess of Haenna
Succession to the Latin throne
34th in line
Followed by
The Crown Prince of Burgoy