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International Council for Democracy

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International Council for Democracy
Conseil international pour la démocratie
Logo of the ICD
ICD Flag.png
Flag of the ICD
FormationNovember 1, 1938; 85 years ago (1938-11-01)
TypeIntergovernmental organization
PurposePromotion of democracy
Official languages
Gaullican, Estmerish

The International Council for Democracy (ICD) is an international organization intended to uphold and promote democracy and the rule of law in its member states and around the world. Founded in 1938, it is often considered a continuation of the Grand Alliance from the Great War. Two subsidiary institutions, the Global Institute for Fiscal Affairs and Global Development Bank, operate as organs of the ICD. The ICD is an official Community of Nations observer and the two organizations have a history of cooperation. The organization is headquartered in Morwall, Estmere.


The ICD aims to uphold and promote democracy on the international stage. As such, many of its activities seek to bolster existing democracies and assist in the process of democratization in emerging democracies. One of its best-known activities is the organization’s annual Report on Global Democracy, which assesses the state of democracy in its member states and partners. States are evaluated and compared in the report’s National Democracy Index.

The organization also monitors elections in member states and partners through its Office for Elections and Democratic Institutions (OEDI). Election monitors are deployed on a short-term or long-term basis spanning each phase of the electoral process.

The ICD has ongoing partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that promote democracy and human rights in both developed and developing countries. The ICD regularly issues joint reports with NGOs on topics including the rights of LGBT people, women, children, and racial and ethnic minorities, prison conditions, the use of torture and the death penalty, and freedom of the press. These reports are circulated among other international organizations and member states and intended to inform debate regarding the protection of human and civil rights in national and international law.



  • Secretariat
    • Secretary-General
    • Office for Elections and Democratic Institutions
    • Office for Human Rights
    • Office for the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption
  • Permanent Council
  • Assembly of Ministers (Foreign ministers' meeting group)

Associated institutions:

Current leadership

Relationship with other intergovernmental organizations

The ICD is a permanent observer at the Community of Nations International Assembly.


The ICD is funded by dues assessed on member states and partners as well as donations from the private sector, mainly foundations and non-government organizations that have a focus on civil society and development. The ICD does not distribute funds directly to its subsidiary organs, GIFA and the GDB, as they have separate funding mechanisms.

National Democracy Index


Member states

State Head of State Year Joined Notes
 Amathia Augstine Valeria
 Bamvango Anthony Benoudjita 1991 (2014) Suspended 2000
Readmitted 2014
 Belmonte Caetano Villa-Lobos 1938
 Cassier Jean Tremblay 1938
 Eldmark Thyri I 1938
 Estmere Alice Roberts 1938
 Gaullica Jean Valette 1938
 Caldia Kenneth IV 1952
 Île d'Émeraude Benjamin Claude 1952
 Imagua and the Assimas Edmondo Privitera 1948 Partner from 1938 to its independence 1948
 Kesselbourg William II 1938
 Montecara College of State 1938
 Solstiana 1938
 Paretia Erasmo 1947
Sainte-Chloé Michel Thiele 1945 Member as the United Provinces from 1945-1954
 Satavia Jago Elliot 1938 (1976) Suspended 1944
Readmitted 1976
 Satucin Théodore I 1953
 Tsabara Atwan al-Tughluq
 Werania Charlotte I 1938


State Head of State Year Partnered Notes
 Sanslumiere Arnaud Noirenègre 1984

Former members

  • Etruria - withdrew in 2018
  • Rwizikuru - suspended in 1959, expelled in 1964
  • Tengaria- suspended in 1958, withdrew in 1959