Operation Urakan

Operation Urakan
Part of the Luepolan War and the Silent War
Luepolan Convoy 1981.jpeg
Luepolan troop carriers approach Voitz
Date14 June 1984 – 28 October 1984
(4 months and 2 weeks)

Luepolan strategic victory

  • Luepola retakes ~30% of lost territory
 Luepola  Vierz Empire
Commanders and leaders
Luepola Emil Ivanušić
Luepola Ratimir Vuković
Luepola Zoltan Glávić
Luepola Savo Matulić
Vierz Empire Victor IV
Vierz Empire Stefan Vogt
Units involved

Operation Urakan (Hurricane), or the 14 June Offensive, was a pivotal engagement of the Luepolan War. The offensive was conducted by the Luepolan Army, working in concert with the Vorochian Army and with various paramilitary elements within CPCA-controlled territory, and primarily targeted Vierz-controlled zones in particular. It was launched in the wake of the TBD crisis, wherein the Vierz military was forced to redeploy westward in response to a large CSO military drill; historical consensus regards this as a primary factor in the success of the operation. The success of the operation led to the start of peace talks between the belligerent parties, ultimately resulting in the Treaty of Skalla and the end of the war.