84th Montecara Film Festival

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84th Montecara Film Festival
Official poster
Official poster
LocationÇinematèca di Stado, Montecara
AwardsBéco aùreoThe Brotherhood
Special Jury Prize – Dusk
Festival date22 – 29 October 2023
Montecara Film Festival chronology

The 84th Montecara Film Festival ran from 22 to 29 October 2023. Surubonese film The Brotherhood won the Béco aùreo, and Dusk from Eldmark was awarded a Special Jury Prize.


  • Leonardas Karaliunas, director and producer, Iserajta (Béco aùreo 2022)
  • Caroline Pereira Brandão, costume designer, Vertigem (Béco aùreo 2015)
  • Nkurunziza Uwera, actress, Mârasi (Béco aùreo 2008)
  • Demjan Baranov, editor, Dumb Dumb (Béco aùreo 1993)
  • Eachra Ní hAthairne, screenwriter, Together for Love (Béco aùreo 1995)

Official selection

Highlighted title indicates Béco aùreo winner.
Title Original title Country of origin Synopsis
Mai and Obe Mai and Obe  Alsland An elderly couple in rural Gaullican occupied Delland during the Great War experience the increasing brutalities of occupation and the strain it places on their community.
Milo Milo  Ardesia A modern twist on Rocco Dirce's 1897 novel Milo. Taking place in the immediate aftermath of the 2001 Méndi earthquake, Milo is forced to enter and wade through a new reality after his single mother is killed by the event.
The Bones Os Ossos  Asterian Federative Republic A Gaullican paleontologist discovers how far he is willing to go to triumph over his Weranian rival in the lawless Asterian Frontier.
The Traitor-King Išdavikas-Karalius  Aucuria A historical drama following Kapakrokas, the king of Čačapojas, as he attempts to end Andavailan hegemony over Cutinsua by making an alliance with užkariautojas Jurgis Leikauskas.
Yggr Yggr  Blostland The 20-year-old Prince Albert Guðmundsson rises to the throne of a dying Empire, he must simultaneously try to keep the Empire together in the face of rising enlightenment liberalism while also handling the equally tasking situation of his many personal relationships.
Sussurros Sussurros Choachua A chilling psychological horror movie centred around Catori, a mestizo college student who acquires the unsettling ability to communicate with the deceased following a car accident. Her world takes a terrifying turn as she discovers that she's being haunted by the vengeful ghost of a former classmate.
Dusk Skymning File:Eldmark.png Eldmark Kassie Ossler, an unnassuming homesteader and farmer, is faced with the dilemma of harboring a mysterious wounded fugitive and protecting her son and home from outlaws, and her mysterious past life.
Tracks Tracks Template:Country data Estmere A man finds himself lost, wandering down an abandoned train track in a dark forest with no memory of his identity or past life. He must travel down the tracks and confront his anxieties and past in order to leave it.
Le cinéaste Le cinéaste  Gaullica A biopic of the ‘father of film’, Napoléon Fétique, from his rise as the most revolutionary and visionary ‘cinéaste’ of his day to the harsh reality of producing propaganda for the Functionalist regime.
Paradijs van Één Paradise of One  Hennehouwe A contemporary drama centering on the life of a young second-generation Rahelian man who, following the sudden death of his parents in a car accident, finds himself with an inheritance split between his lifelong home in Hennehouwe and his familial homeland, and is left to choose between two very different lives.
Maitama Maitama  Kitaubani An artistic biopic of faith healer, alleged cult leader, con artist and convicted felon Nuruddeen Maitama. The film explores his psyche, his impact on his victims, and the reaction of the Kitauban public to his outrageous claims.
Journey Journey  Mahayala A drama following the journey taken by Mahayalan villagers on a 900 kilometer pilgrimage to Dharma.
Lest Ye Be Judged 慎毋責人  Nakong A young law student falls in love with the police commissioner's secretary as their budding romance is overtaken by the growing tensions between the pro-Shangean student movement and the Nakongese government.
Doroteia Doroteia  Paretia A fado singer in 1945 Etrurian-occupied Paretia gives herself up to a spirit to get revenge against the Etruria soldiers who hanged her husband. As she goes on her way killing the people responsible for her husbands death, the truth of the matter is revealed.
Dayang Dayang  Penduk An underemployed graduate must return to his hometown, a small fishing village in rural Gelamutam, in order to administer the estate of his late uncle. Upon returning, he finds himself forced to try to keep the traditional family fishing business alive as he wrestles with the realities of the rural world he has become long estranged from.
On the Road Munzira File:RwizikuruFlag.PNG Rwizikuru A PinPin influencer and a recent University of Rwizikuru graduate go on a road trip from Port Fitzhubert to Rusere to start their new lives in Rusere, and get to know one another better over the course of their journey.
The Depression Club The Depression Club  Satavia A psychological drama telling the story of several unrelated individuals brought together by attendance at a peer-led mutual aid group for people suffering with depression. The film exposes the lack of help people suffering with their mental health receive in Satavian society and follows their lives through their memories, from their childhood to their eventual suicides.
Mens Rea Mens Rea  Scovern A struggling immigrant finds herself falsely accused of a crime by her new landlords and let down by the Scovernois legal system while trying to fight against being forcibly removed from her residence.
The Brotherhood Perabangan  Surubon A tech noir thriller about a prizefighter named Kemangi, who after winning an underground battle royale is choosen by mafia boss Kejam to act as a security guard for his girlfriend Margeaux. After an intense night and escape from an attempted assassination, the two develop a relationship; when their affair is discovered, they are subjected to a game where the barriers between reality and illusion break down.
Bíìjà Bíìjà  Tiwura A historical epic set in medieval Tiwura and follows the story of warrior who is banished from his kingdom after the king is foretold the fate of his kingdom. The warrior begins a journey to prepare himself to return to his home and bring justice to the king.
Love Bytes Байт кохання  Vinalia A Vinalian AI developer, designs a highly advanced dating app that can predict without fail the viability of any relationship. After meeting a man the app deems a relationship with as unviable, they both opt to go against the app's recommendation and pursue a relationship.
The Symphony Samfoni  Zorasan A psychological drama telling the story of Shirin Kosari, a talented cellist who is detained and tortured by AKHID, the feared military secret police for reasons she does not know.