Trellinese people

Total population
c. 195 million
Regions with significant populations
 Trellin: 164,845,348
Template:Country data Neu Engollon212,041
23x15px Costa de Ouro147,366
 Blackhelm Confederacy144,832
Trellinese, Khadenz, Kuredt, Ahéri
Roman Catholicism and Ladath Thaerinë

The Trellinese (pronounced /tʃrɛl.ɪnˈiːz/; Trellinese: Trelliniri) are an ethnic group in Astyria. They are the majority population in Trellin (63%) and most of its empire, and represent a minority population in several countries across Astyria.

The Trellinese are descendants of the Ethlorek settlers who began arriving in the area of modern-day Trellin from the fourth through to the first century BC. They are closely related to the Khadenzi and Kur'zheti, who arrived in the region shortly after and migrated to the islands west of Trellin.

The main areas of Trellinese settlement were the coasts south of the Hyseran Empire and around the Great Bay of Arimathea. The national identity of the Trellinese of Trellin, as distinct from the independent Arimatheans, was largely formed by several centuries of war with the Hyserans to their immediate north. From the fifth century AD, as the Kingdom of Trellin began to expand along the Sea of Velar, they spread their culture significantly to the east and south. Other groups of Trellinese settlers moved south towards Bal Emrith, Mevirin and Azmir, establishing independent states there, or inland into the Vekra Retiqa and along the coast, first to Pelna and then to Ja'ekha and Namija.