Bloc Mayotte (Zamastan)

Bloc Mayotte
LeaderDes-Duqois Blanchet
PresidentAtticus Moreau
Founded15 June 1961 (1961-06-15)
HeadquartersBlythe, Mayotte
IdeologyMayotte nationalism
Mayotte/Alutia/Aunistria sovereigntism
Left-wing nationalism
Social democracy
Political positionCenter-left
ColoursPink, magenta
11 / 62
56 / 359

The Bloc Mayotte is a federal political party in Zamastan devoted to Mayotte nationalism and the promotion of provincial sovereignty. The Bloc was formed by Members of Congressional Hall who defected from the federal Blue Conservative Party and Green Liberal Party during the collapse of the Talasa Lake Accord and the ensuing political chaos following the violent insurgencies in Pahl during the 1950s. Founder Casey Bouchard was a cabinet minister in the federal Conservative Capitalist government of President Marvin Gaviria.

The party seeks to create the conditions necessary for the political secession of Mayotte from Zamastan and campaigns actively during federal elections. The party has been described as social democratic and separatist (aka "sovereigntist"). Originally based only for the secession of Mayotte, the party has expanded to largely include the secessionist movements in Aunistria, Alutia, and Titania.

The Bloc was the largest party in Mayotte after the 2020 Zamastan presidential election, and the third-largest party in Congressional Hall with the biggest surge the party had ever seen. Additionally, Bloc Mayotte candidate Atticus Moreau, the former Governor of Alutia, was elected President. Moreau strayed from party lines by advocating for a strong military and by saying he would not promote the secession of provinces, but that he would endorse autonomy motions to give provinces greater independence in their self-government.

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