Battle of Kasenberg

Battle of Kasenberg
Part of the East Vierz Front of the Great War
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Luepolan troops in a destroyed area of the city
Date13 October 1944 – 4 May 1945
(6 months and 3 weeks)
Result Vierz victory


 Vierz Empire
Commanders and leaders
Units involved

People's Republic of Luepola Votanska Front

Vierz Empire Army Group South

1,575,459 men
3,800 artillery pieces
1,400 tanks
800 aircraft
1,678,385 men
3,100 artillery pieces
1,100 tanks
1,270 aircraft
Casualties and losses
Total: 985,348
655,584 killed or missing
329,764 injured or sick
Total: 918,924
560,687 killed or missing
358,237 injured or sick

The Battle of Kasenberg (Vierz: Schlacht um Kasenberg; Luepolan: Kasenbergska Bitva) was a decisive battle in the Great War, fought between the Luepola and the Vierz Empire over the Vierz city of Kasenberg from October 1944 to May 1945. With the participation of over 3 million personnel, 2 million military casualties, and over 50,000 civilian casualties, it remains both the largest and bloodiest battle in world history.

The failure of Operation Magni in 1942 left much of Vierzland's southern flank vulnerable, but both Luepolan and Vierz forces focused their efforts on the Battle of Vyzinia. Luepola's failure to conquer Vyzinia led to it refocusing its efforts on conquering southern Vierzland with the aim of forcing a quick surrender. Luepolan forces launched Operation ________ in the summer of 1944, and reached the outskirts of Kasenberg in October. The Luepolan Air Force subjected the city to days of bombings in preparation for their invasion of the city. On the ground, the Luepolan Votanska Front engaged the Vierz Southern Army Group within the city limits, where the battle transformed into close quarters urban combat.

For months, neither side gained a definite advantage, as both armies were generally just trading control of various parts of the city. The intervention of the Savic 2nd Army and the Vierz 5th Air Fleet helped turn the tide in favour of Vierzland, with Vierz aerial forces laying pervasive damage to Luepolan logistical networks. Luepolan forces became outmanned and outgunned, and were pushed out of the city borders in May 1945. Fighting continued in the outlying suburbs for weeks, but Luepolan forces were forced from the metropolitan area entirely by the end of the summer.

Over 90% of the city was destroyed after almost seven months of fighting. Thousands of civilians were evacuated and became internally displaced due to the destruction of their homes. Before the war, Kasenberg was the second-largest city in Vierzland; it fell to the fourth-largest as a result of the battle.