Bombing of Talheim

Bombing of Talheim
Part of the East Vierz Front of the Great War
Verwoestingen Nijmegen na bombardement.jpg
The destroyed Gersellau district of Talheim.
Date23 September 1944 – 29 September 1944
(1 week)
  • Extensive Vierz casualties
People's Republic of Luepola Luepolan People's Air Force Vierz Empire Imperial Vierz Air Force
Commanders and leaders
People's Republic of Luepola Jozef Horovitz Vierz Empire Walter Stromberg
People's Republic of Luepola 611 bomber aircraft
538 fighter escorts
Vierz Empire 413 fighter aircraft
10th Anti-Aircraft Brigade
Casualties and losses
38 aircraft, including crews 101 aircraft, including crews
1,000 soldiers
40,000 civilians

The bombing of Talheim (Vierz: Luftangriffe auf Talheim; Luepolan: Bombardovaňie Talhajma), also known in Vierzland as the Talheim Catastrophe (Vierz: Talheimische Katastrophe), was a series of Luepolan bombing raids on the city of Talheim, a large city and prominent logistics hub within the Vierz Empire in the Great War. Over the course of a week, Luepolan People's Air Force dropped thousands of tonnes of explosives and incendiary devices on the city, including chemical weapons on 28 and 29 September, with the dual objectives of neutralizing Talheim as a logistical hub in advance of Luepola's planned conquest of Kasenberg and terrorizing the Vierz populace to break Vierz morale. The bombing constituted the most concentrated use of chemical weapons in the Great War.