Battle of Tarphos

Battle of Tarphos
Part of the Southern Front of the Great War
Vonzumieran battleship Von Sydow
Date13 September 1946 – 17 September 1946
(4 days)
Result Decisive Allied victory
Commanders and leaders
Vonzumier Bastian Schuerer People's Republic of Luepola Miroslav Lučić
Vonzumier Marines:
2,550 infantry
41 artillery pieces
63 LVT's
37 tanks
128 aircraft
1 aircraft carrier
3 battleships
7 heavy cruisers
13 light cruisers
41 destroyers
1 battleship
3 light cruisers
10 destroyers
People's Republic of Luepola Army:
1,200 soldiers
83 artillery pieces
28 tanks
56 aircraft
2 battleships
9 heavy cruisers
15 light cruisers
35 destroyers
6 submarines

The Battle of Tarphos (Vierz: Schlacht um Tarfos, Luepolan: Tarfska Bitva, Cestrosian: Μάχη της Ταρφου) was a combined-arms engagement of the Great War, primarily between Vonzumier and Luepola, on and around the island of Tarphos in the Oriental Sea. The battle was critical turning point in the Southern Front, in which the Vonzumieran navy gained total initiative in the Oriental Sea. This battle, coupled with the Allied total victory at the Verakoni Gap, forced the Luepolan People's Army into a defensive posture which it was unable to break out of for the remainder of the war.