Central Library

A plan of the Ol Hunway headquarter

The Central Library (Mutli : Ol Hunway) is the name given to both an administrative agency of the Divine Throne and of its headquarter. It's responsible for regulating, recording and distributing news and print publications in the Mutul. This includes granting publication licenses for periodicals and books.

Internal structure

The Central Head Keeper of the Books (Mutli : Ol B'ah Aj Hun) is the director of the Central Library and is directly appointed by the K'uhul Ajaw and is responsible for the application of governmental directives. But he's also able to take decisions of his own, and is charged with the day-to-day administration of the Library. All decisions of the Ol B'ah Aj Hun are reported to the Divine Throne and published in the official newspaper of the government. Decisions taken by the Ol B'ah Aj Hun may be declared invalid by a decree of the K'uhul Ajaw, whom may revoke a Ol B'ah Aj Hun before the end of his 5 years mandate.

Area of responsibilities

The Central Library is special in that it's both a religious organization, a public library and an administrative agency. Its official mission statement is the control, recording, and keeping of all print publications and medias. However, special decrees from the Divine Throne rules out that any publications refused by the Central Library is no longer allow to be distributed in the Mutul and all demands by Mutuleses publishers to put a new book into circulation must be run first with the Central Library, with one copy of the manuscript being gifted to its collection. In the same way, the Blue Librarians have the legal power to give and retract publication licences.

The Central Library, as a religious institution, is also responsible for a number of rituals and festivities, which involve offerings and sacrifices to the gods Hun Batz and Hun Max and the promotion of art and literature. Many professors teaching in the Mutul are also associated with the Central Library, which finances studies in literature and other related fields. It also host public or private conferences and debates on various topics.