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Central Telecommunication Office (Mutul)

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Central Telecommunication Office
Central Telegraphic Office
Public Agency
Traded asKWK: TOE
Founded1938; 86 years ago (1938)
HeadquartersK'alak Muul, Mutul
Area served
RevenueIncrease 7.5 billion Solidus (2019)
Increase 3 billion Solidus (2019)
Increase 1.1 billion Solidus (2019)
Total assetsIncrease 33 billion Solidus (2019)
OwnersDivine Throne (64%)
Public float (46%)
Number of employees
125,000 (2019)

The Central Telecommunication Office (Mutli: త్తిత్తభయి ఒల ఎతె, T'it'ab'ay Ol Ete), is a Mutulese government agency dependent on the Tzak'ab of Land Gestion of the Mutulese government and the largest Telephone service provider and Internet service provider of the Divine Kingdom. Despite its name, the CTO is in practice a for-profit organization listed on the K'uhul Wayib' K'iwik stock exchange (under the name త్తిఒఎ or TOE). Contrary to most telecommunication operators, is not dedicated to providing services to individuals clients, instead offering equipments, IP transits and generally maintaining a large Internet Protocol Network to be subsequently used by smaller internet providers operating in the Mutul. As a result it's network is the sole Mutulese-based one to be classified as a Tier 1 network by professionals and observers.