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Mutul Mutual

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Mutual Society of the Divine Kingdom
Native name
Mutul Kuchal
Mutul Mutual
Central Reinsurance Society
Public company
Area served
Key people
Jasaw Chan K'awiil V
Wak Tun Chanil
Revenue4.725 billion B'ul (2019)
335 million B'ul

The Mutual Society of the Divine Kingdom (Mutli: కుచఖల ముతుల) commonly shortened as Mutul Mutual or MM in official documents written in Latin, is a Mutulese reinsurance enterprise founded in 1946 following the demand by Mutuleses companies and entrepreneurs of a better insurance coverage following the failure of Chel-mal Insurance in 1940, pushed to bankrupcy by its scandalous financial gestion which made it especially weak to the devastation brought by the two Belfro-Mutuleses wars and the Reze Flu Epidemy of 1940. The scandal was met by a proposal in 1941 by the Orientalist government for the creation of a central state-controlled reinsurance company, among other propositions. The idea was quickly taken over by the Ilok'tab Lineage and in 1946 the Central Reinsurance Society was created with Balankeh, elder daughter of the K'uhul Ajaw B'alam Chan Chak, as its first president. Remaining owned at 100% by the Divine Throne to this day, it possess a capital of 300 million B'ulob and is currently part of the top 20 largest worldwide actors of the reinsurance industry.