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Railway Connection Office (Mutul)

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Rail Network Office
Public Agency
Traded asK'uhul Wayib' K'iwik: TNE
IndustryInfrastructure & Tracks Proprietor, State Administrator
Founded1847; 176 years ago (1847)
HeadquartersK'alak Muul, Mutul
Area served
ProductsTrain paths
RevenueDecrease 6.4 billion Solidus
Decrease -395 million Solidus
OwnersDivine Monarchy of the Mutul
Number of employees
54,000 (2022)
ParentHouse of Roads, Mails, and Telecommunications

The Railway Connection Office (Mutli: Tak'inb'e Nut'i Ete, తఖినిభె నుత్తి ఎతె) is a Mutulese government agency dependent of the House of Roads, Mails, and Telecommunications of the Mutulese Government. It's the sole Railway infrastructure manager of the Divine Kingdom. It is tasked with the development, the cohesion, maintenance, and enhancement of the country's rail network. In practice, the RCO acts as a public enterprise. Since it's creation in the 19th century, there has always been a clear distinction between the Office and the private railway companies who operate on its network. The Railway Connection Office is listed on the K'uhul Wayib' K'iwik stock exchange under the denomination తనఎ (TNE).