Central Patyrian Cooperation Association

Central Patyrian Cooperation Association
Mittelpatyrische Vereinigung für Zusammenarbeit
  • CPCA
  • MVZ
MottoPeace in our time
Founded atKasenberg, Vierz Empire
TypeMilitary alliance, free-trade area
HeadquartersAdtrus, Vierzland
Official language
  1. Withdrew in 1979
  2. Withdrew in 1979

The Central Patyrian Cooperation Association (CPCA) was a military alliance and free-trade area located in central Patyria during the Silent War. It was created in 1952 by the Treaty of Kasenberg and de facto dissolved in 1990 with the collapse of the Vierz Empire, the CPCA's leading state.

The CPCA was formed largely to secure Vierz geopolitical and economic interests in central and eastern Patyrian states after the end of the Great War, and to create a counterbalance to the newly-formed Continental Security Organization. The pact allowed Vierzland to control the political, economic, and military affairs of its client states in Patyria.