Congress Chamber (Zamastan)

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The Congress Chamber
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The Congressional Hall, located in Tofino
The Congressional Hall, located in Tofino
LocationCongressional Hall
Tofino, Zamastan
Administrative centerCongress Chamber, Senate
Membership359 Congressmen

The Congress Chamber is the lower chamber of Zamastan's bicameral legislature, consisting of the Congress Chamber and the Senate, which create the Congressional Hall. The Chamber is charged with the passage of federal legislation, known as bills, which, after concurrence by the Senate, are sent to the President of Zamastan for consideration. In addition to this basic power, the Chamber has certain exclusive powers, among them the power to initiate all bills related to revenue; the impeachment of federal officers, who are sent to trial before the Senate; and, in cases wherein no candidate receives a majority of electors for President, the duty falls upon the Chamber to elect one of the top three recipients of electors for that office, with one vote given to each state for that purpose.

The presiding officer of the Congress Chamber (as well as the Senate) is the Speaker of the Chamber. In the early 20th century, the practice of majority and minority parties electing their floor leaders began, although they are not constitutional officers.


Current Compositions and Election Results

List of Congressmen

2016-2018 107th Congress of Zamastan (2016-2020)

2018-2020 108th Congress of Zamastan (2018-2020)

2018-2020 109th Congress of Zamastan (2020-2022)