Libertarian House of Zamah St'an (Zamastan)

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Libertarian House of Zamah St'an
LeaderJames Lipta
ChairpersonAhmed Sondovan
FoundedNovember 6, 1892 (1892-11-06)
HeadquartersArinals, Zamastan
Political positioncenter
Colors  Maroon
Congressional Hall
17 / 421
12 / 329
5 / 62
Administrative Governors
2 / 17

The Libertarian House of Zamah St'an, or the LHZ is a federal political party in Zamastan that promotes civil liberties, non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism and shrinking the size and scope of government. It's one of the five main political parties in Zamastan and has operated since the 1890's. The party generally promotes a classical liberal platform, in contrast to the Green Liberal Party (Zamastan)'s modern liberalism and progressivism and the Blue Conservative Party (Zamastan)'s conservatism. Current fiscal policy positions include lowering taxes, decreasing the national debt, allowing people to opt out of welfare and eliminating the welfare state, in part by utilizing private charities. Current cultural policy positions include ending the prohibition of illegal drugs, advocating criminal justice reform, supporting same-sex marriage, ending capital punishment and supporting gun ownership rights. Many members of the party believe in lowering the drinking age to 16.



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