Progressive Party (Zamastan)

Progressive Party
LeaderYerran Mann
ChairpersonPerry Harrisnon
FoundedDecember 3, 1943 (1943-12-03)
HeadquartersKelowna, Zamastan
IdeologyProgressive, liberal, socialist
Political positionleft
Colors     Orange
Congressional Hall
14 / 605
9 / 500
5 / 100
Administrative Governors
0 / 5

The Progressive Party of Zamastan, or the PPZ, is a progressive reformation political party in Zamastan, and is one of the five main parties. The party has an anti-war stance, advocating for Zamastan's military to be restricted from engaging in war zones outside the nation, famously demanding an end to the wars in Vulkaria and opposition to all preemptive wars, strikes, or other offensive or interventionist military actions, such as the Gladysynthia Crisis. The party is very supportive of LGBT rights and members of the party were involved in the legalization of same-sex marriage in the country.

Economically, the party also calls for converting the minimum wage to a living wage and having it tied to inflation rates, having the economy focus on small and local businesses, empowerment of worker cooperatives and publicly owned companies as democratic alternatives to multi-national corporations and to decentralize the economy, for the strengthening of state law to protect the right to unionize, for implementing a progressive income tax and repealing the tax exemption and residential education property tax, and for all trade to be subject to international standards on human rights. The party is also critical of privatization.