Progressive Party (Zamastan)

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Progressive Party
LeaderYerran Mann
ChairpersonSamia Ouyahia
Vice ChairVivienne Toussaint
Lionel Cellier
Saleem Hanoune
FoundedDecember 3, 1943 (1943-12-03)
HeadquartersKelowna, Zamastan
IdeologyProgressive, liberal, socialist
Political positionleft
Colors  Orange
Congressional Hall
13 / 421
25 / 305
3 / 104
Administrative Governors
1 / 14

The Progressive Party of Zamastan, or the PPZ, is a federal political party in Zamastan. Widely described as social democratic, the party occupies the left, to center-left on the political spectrum, sitting to the left of the Liberal Party and Progressive Alliance Party. The party was founded in 1943. The federal and provincial (or territorial) level PPZs are more integrated than other political parties in Zamastan, and have shared membership. Elijah Daniels remains the only member of the party to have served as President, from 1990-96. The PPZ held the largest share of seats in Congressional Hall from 2006-2012, with the party's leader Yerran Mann remaining the only member of the party to hold the speakership. Apart from that period of time, it has been the third or fourth-largest party in the legislature. However, the party has held considerable influence during periods of Liberal majority and minority governments due to its sway over voter blocs who identify with their politics.

The PPZ supports a mixed economy, broader welfare, LGBT rights, international peace, environmental stewardship, and expanding Zamastan's universal healthcare system, ZamCare, to include dental care, mental health care, eye and hearing care, infertility procedures, and prescription drugs. The party has an anti-war stance, advocating for the military to be restricted from engaging in warzones outside the nation, notably mounting demonstrations against the wars in Vulkaria and Terehan. Since 2006, the party has been led by Yerran Mann, who has remained the longest-serving leader of a federal party in Zamastan. The party's chairperson is Samia Ouyahia, the only Muslim leader of a federal party in Zamastan. The party's vice-chairs are Vivienne Toussaint, Lionel Cellier, and Saleem Hanoune. Following the 2022 election, it is the fourth-largest party in the Congress Chamber, with 25 seats, and the smallest in the senate, with 3 seats. Wan Yahui Croston is the only current governor who is a member of the party.

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