Conservative Capitalist Party (Zamastan)

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Conservative Capitalist Party
LeaderMaisey Mcvey
ChairpersonLonnie Obotseman
FoundedOctober 9, 1923 (1923-22-09)
HeadquartersKelowna, Zamastan
IdeologySocial Liberal, Economically Conservative Capitalist
Political positioncenter
Colors  Purple   Gold
Congressional Hall
12 / 421
9 / 359
3 / 62
Administrative Governors
1 / 17

The Conservative Capitalist Party, or the CCP is a federal political party in Zamastan. The party's main concerns are job creation, maintaining private healthcare, raising the minimum wage, universal paid sick days, cutting taxes and regulation specifically on corporations, public education, and energy and environmental reform. It has usually cross-endorsed moderate Conservative party or Liberal party candidates through fusion voting, but will occasionally run its own candidates. Despite a dramatic rise to power during the 1950's and 60's, largely thanks to the presidency of Marvin Gaviria, the party's popularity has waned dramatically in recent decades. In the 2020 general election, the party lost dozens of seats in the Congress, lost two in the Senate, and had its lowest amount of total representation since 1972. The party has been dominated by the Gaviria family, namely Marvin Gaviria, Thomas Gaviria, and Jay Gaviria.

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Gaviria Presidency


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