Conservative Capitalist Party (Zamastan)

Conservative Capitalist Party
LeaderMaisey Mcvey
ChairpersonLonnie Obotseman
FoundedOctober 9, 1923 (1923-22-09)
HeadquartersKelowna, Zamastan
IdeologySocial Liberal, Economically Conservative Capitalist
Political positioncenter
Colors     Purple      Gold
Congressional Hall
49 / 605
34 / 500
14 / 100
Administrative Governors
1 / 5

The Conservative Capitalist Party, or the CCP is one of five main political parties in Zamastan. The party's main concerns are jobs, healthcare, raising the minimum wage, universal paid sick days, the student debt crisis, higher taxes on the rich, public education, and energy and environmental reform. It has usually cross-endorsed progressive Blue Conservative Party (Zamastan) or Green Liberal Party (Zamastan) candidates through fusion voting, but will occasionally run its own candidates.