Progressive Alliance Party (Zamastan)

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Progressive Alliance Party

The Alliance – Zamastan's Social Democratic Party
LeaderMekhi Whitfield
ChairpersonNaheim Rose
FoundedNovember 18, 2019 (2019-11-18)
HeadquartersHuntington Park, Jade, Zamastan
IdeologyProgressive, liberal, socialist
Political positionleft
Colors  Crimson
Congressional Hall
46 / 413
33 / 305
13 / 104
Administrative Governors
1 / 17

The Progressive Alliance Party, officially the The Alliance – Zamastan's Social Democratic Party or the PAP, is a progressive, social democratic, feminist, and globalist federal political party in Zamastan. The party was formed in late 2019 during a rift between the progressive and moderate members of the Green Liberal bloc, and split from the party to form its own movement. The vision of the party was to unite the left-wing of Zamastanian politics under an economically-feasible and socially progressive movement, in deviation from the older Progressive Party. In the 110th congress, it won a total of 46 seats across both houses in Congressional Hall, effectively making it the 3rd-largest party in the country behind the GLP and BCP. Additionally, PAP senator Sylvia Wood placed third in the 2022 presidential election.

Policies and ideology



Notable members