Christian Union Party (Zamastan)

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Christian Union Party
LeaderPeter Daleen
ChairpersonHarold Burrson
FoundedDecember 3, 1929 (1929-12-03)
HeadquartersMoulins, Redeemer’s Land, Zamastan
IdeologyChristian democracy Social conservatism
Political positioncenter-right
Colors  Navy
Congressional Hall
0 / 421
0 / 359
0 / 62
Administrative Governors
1 / 17

The Christian Union Party, or the CUP, is a Christian-democratic political party in Zamastan. The CUP is a centrist party, maintaining more progressive stances on economic, immigration and environmental issues while holding more socially conservative positions on issues such as abortion and euthanasia. The party describes itself as "social Christian".

Primarily a Protestant party, the CUP bases its policies on the Bible, and takes the theological principles of charity and stewardship as bases for its support for public expenditure and environmentalism. The party seeks for government to uphold Christian morality, but supports freedom of religion under the doctrine of sphere sovereignty.

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