Chezian War (1992-95)

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Chezian War
Constantio Federal troops and tanks circ1994.jpg
Syraranto soldiers celebrate in Pritina.jpg

Clockwise from top: The city of Acjarai, Constantio, burns during the Siege of Acjarai. Constantio federal troops resting before an offensive. A sniper in Norasa, Constantio. Syraranto soldiers celebrate after taking the city of Pritina.
DateFebruary 5th, 1992 - October 14th, 1995 (3 years, 8 months, 1 week and 2 days)

Syraranto Federal Alliance

Chezian Coalition Forces

  • Beatavic
  • Constantio
  • Cechena
  • Cylata
  • Free Syraranto Revolutionary Forces
  • Achijan National Front
  • National Norasa Forces
  • Balgita Nationalist Forces
  • Mainland Delgarada Forces

Chezian Revolutionary Forces

Commanders and leaders
  • Zvonimir Kljuic
  • Alan Kekez
  • Teo Radljevic
  • Tomislav Lipovac
  • Dalibor Pretic
  • Toni Colak
  • Zdravko Colic
  • Waylon Kriekaard
  • Dubravko Jokic
  • Igor Plantak
  • Strength
    1,200,000 3,700,000 800,000
    Casualties and losses
    124,000 109,000 49,000

    Total Deaths: 290,000-400,000

    Displaced: 5,000,000

    The Chezian War was a series of separate but related ethnic conflicts, wars of independence, and insurgencies fought in the Chezia Region of Western Nortua from 1992 to 1995, which led to the breakup of the Chezia Alliance. The nations involved in the war included Artaska, Achijan, Beatavic, Constantio, Cechena, Cylata, North Icadania, and Syraranto, while outside powers such as Yuan, Besmenia, and Zamastan contributed to the efforts of their respective allies. The constituent republics of the Chezia Alliance declared war on each other, as well as several dozen separatist movements, despite unresolved tensions between ethnic minorities in the participating countries, fueling the wars.

    The war began as Syraranto withdrew from the Chezia Alliance and invaded Constantio on February 5th, 1992. The governments of Consantio and Cechena, as well as dozens of militia and faction forces committed to the preservation of the alliance, joined forces to counter the fighting. The government of Achijan, wanting independence from the Alliance, began fighting a new front in the east, alongside separatist forces within Constantio and Cechena. The fighting soon escalated from conventional war to more sporadic insurgency fighting as all the government armies began breaking into independently controlled factions with very little central command. A civil war broke out between the autonomous states of Cylata and Artaska, Achijan rebels insurgents fought to be annexed by Constantio, and Syraranto was pushed out of invaded territory when Icadania invaded it.

    Most of the stages of the war ended through peace accords, involving largely international recognition of new states and the dissolution of others, but with a massive human cost and economic damage to the region. Often described as Nortua's deadliest conflicts since the Chezian Wars of Independence (1806-23), the wars were marked by many war crimes, including genocide, crimes against humanity and rape. The Cechena genocide was the first Nortuan crime to be formally classified as genocidal in character, and many key individual participants in it were subsequently charged with war crimes. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Chezian Alliance (ICTCA) was established by the Coalition of Crown Albatross in 1998 to prosecute these crimes. According to the C.C.A., the Chezian War resulted in the death of 290,000 people.








    Following the end of the war, many territorial changes were made. Achijan's government dissolved, and the new interim government worked to be annexed by Constantio. Three weeks after the conclusion of fighting, Achijan became the Constantioan provinces of Baleas and Gyhada. While low level insurgencies continued in Cylata and Artaska, the latter was not granted full independence until November 20th, 2001 with the 2002 Dimayev Agreement. Syraranto was left largely isolated with their economy in shatters following the war as CCF forces withdrew.

    On June 21st, 1996, nearly a year after the war ended, the Sotoan Basin Union was formed with a treaty signed in Norasa.

    War Crimes