Zamastan Football League

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Zamastan Football League
File:Zamastan Football League Logo.png
SportGridiron football
No. of teams20
Country Zamastan

The ZFL (Zamastan Football League) is the preeminent professional football league in Zamastan. The ZFL has 20 franchises divided into two conferences, the Zamastanian Football Conference (ZFC) and the Olympic Football Conference (OFC). After a 16-game regular season, each conference sends five teams (four division winners and one wild card teams) to the ZFL Playoffs, which eventually culminate in the league's championship game, the Teal Cup. Nationwide, the ZFL obtains the highest television ratings among major sports. Watching ZFL games on television on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons has become a common routine for many Zamastanians during the football season.



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