Zamastan Soccer League

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Zamastan Soccer League (ZSL)
Main ZSL logo
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FoundedJanuary 21, 1904
Inaugural Season1904
CommissionerMartial Duverger
No. of Teams16
Most Recent ChampionAlanis United (16)
Most TitlesAlanis United (16)
Current Season2022-2023 ZSL Season

The Zamastan Soccer League, also known as the Zamastan Premier League, is a professional Zamastanian soccer association consisting of 16 teams, divided equally into the Western Conference (ZSL) and the Eastern Conference (ZSL). The ZSL is one of the world's several professional soccer associations and the largest in Zamastan. The ZSL's 22-week regular season runs from the first Sunday in September to late January, with each team playing 22 games. Following the conclusion of the regular season, eight teams (two from each division) advance to the playoffs, a single-elimination tournament culminating in the Premier Championship Cup, which is usually held in February and is played between the last standing playoff teams. Additionally, teams within the league compete internationally in the Euronia Football Confederation. The best players from each team are also selected annually to play in the World Cup on the Zamastan national football team. The national team is the most prolific winning team in the World Cup's history, qualifying for 46 of 48 tournaments and winning six.

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The ZSL consists of 16 teams divided into two divisions with eight teams each: the Western Conference (ZSL) and the Eastern Conference (ZSL).


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