Teleràdio Montecarà

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Teleràdio Montecarà
TypePublic broadcaster
Headquarters10 Vìa Marcòn
Broadcast area
Montecara and surrounding areas (over the air)
Worldwide (cable, satellite, and online)
OwnerState of Montecara
Established23 July 1936; 87 years ago (1936-07-23)
(as Ràdio Montecarà)
Launch date
19 November 1936; 87 years ago (1936-11-19) (radio)
30 August 1959; 64 years ago (1959-08-30) (television)
TRM Tele1
TRM Tele2
TRM Tele Banbìn
Ràdio Montecarà 1
Ràdio Montecarà 2
Official website

Teleràdio Montecarà (TRM) is a state-owned public broadcaster in Montecara. It owns and operates television and radio broadcast channels, and distributes its media free to air, online, and via cable and satellite.

Programming is free of advertisements, supported instead by a surcharge on electric bills. The network has complete editorial independence from the state.

TRM has the exclusive local right to broadcast major events including the Invictus Games, the IFF Coupe du monde and IFF Feminine Coupe du monde, and the Euclovision Song Contest.


TRM's predecessor, Ràdio Montecarà, was founded on 23 July 1936 as Montecara's first public, Montecaran-language radio service. It was initially funded by a license fee payable by anyone who owned a radio, a system that was changed to the current funding model only in 1986. A second radio channel, Ràdio Montecarà 2, was launched in 1964 to meet rapidly growing demand for pop music.

Montecara's first domestic television channel, Televixiò Montecarà (now branded as Tele1), launched in 1959. It was on the air for only a few hours a week during its early years but moved to a full-time schedule by the mid-1960s as television ownership became common. The network's first color broadcast was of the 1970 Summer Invictus Games in Tosei, Senria. A second television channel, Tele2, was added in 1990 as part of the network's expansion to cable and satellite.


TRM television channels
Channel Logo Programming Availability
Flagship channel; dramas, comedies, sport, news, live programs. Broadcasts 24 hours a day. Over-the-air, cable, satellite
Life and style, travel, home and garden, cuisine, history, documentaries, feature films. Broadcasts evenings and late nights; shared with Tele Banbìn. Over-the-air, cable, satellite
Tele Banbìn
Children's and teen programming. Broadcasts early mornings to late afternoons. Over-the-air, cable, satellite

Original programming

  • i Craxi - A period drama about the Craxi political dynasty set in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Gazèta - A daily, 20-minute evening news broadcast aired at 22:00.
  • Màta per te (Crazy for You) - Localization of Crazy About You.
  • Mèsa àia Basìlica (Mass at the Basilica) - Catholic Mass broadcast live from the Basilica of Saint Stephen. Often the subject of jokes in Montecaran culture due to its elderly viewership and extremely early timeslot (6:00 on Sunday mornings).
  • Òpera al linbo (Opera After Dark) - Opera performances, including live premieres at the Teàtro Cavalarìça.
  • ia Vìda da càxa (The Life of a House) - A cultural program that explores the history and inhabitants of a different Montecaran house across time in each episode.


TRM radio channels
Channel Logo Programming Availability
Ràdio Montecarà 1
Popular music, entertainment, news in brief FM, streaming, satellite
Ràdio Montecarà 2
Talk, news, sport, classical music, opera FM, streaming, satellite

Original programming

  • Boletìn marìn - The longest-running program on Montecaran radio, this five-minute segment plays daily at 00:05, 05:55, and 18:05 on Ràdio Montecarà 2. The format is a brief summary of maritime weather conditions in the seas around Montecara followed by that day's ship arrivals and departures.

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