Piraean Radio and Television

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Piraean Radio and Television
Native name
Πειραιηκή Ραδιοφωνία Τηλεόραση AE (Piraean)
Anonymous Society AE
Area served
(international channels and online)
Key people
Antonis Rokoulis
(Chair of Council of PRT)
ProductsTelevision, radio
ServicesRadio, television, online
OwnerGovernment of Piraea
Number of employees
1,530 (2020)
ParentMinister of Culture, Sports and Youth

The Piraean Radio and Television, AE (Piraean: Πειραιηκή Ραδιοφωνία Τηλεόραση AE) is the state-owned public service of television and radio in Piraea. It is headquartered in Alikianos and it is the oldest radio and television broadcaster with continious operations in Piraea.

It was created in 1940 in an effort to widespread information through radio in the rural First Piraean Republic. It gained popularity during its early years and became an effective republican communication tool during the civil war. It remained in place during the military junta period, owning the monopoly of official information, until in 1957, the television department was created and PRT became the first and only broadcaster in Piraea at the time. Heavily censored, it focused in news briefings and bulletins, developing towards series and regime propaganda towards the 1960s. Since the return of democracy in 1979, PRT has undergone several reforms, censorship was removed, management was democratised and its funding regularised and expanded.

PRT is a full member of the Euclean Broadcasters Group and its headquarters are located in Alikianos.


Piraea-1 in the facilities of PRT in Alikianos; the tower was built in 1989 and remained the tallest structure of Piraea until 2001.

Since the return of democracy

Television channels

Channel Logo Content Availability
ΠΡΤ ενα
PRT Ενα.png
The flagship channel and oldest with continious broadcasting in Piraea. It is a generalist channel and responsible of the most watched news bulletins (morning, midday and night), news programmes, magazines, series and major sports competitions. It also hosts electoral debates. Free to air,
cable and satellite
ΠΡΤ πλους
PRT Plus.png
Launched in 1988, Plus is a channel focused on culture and lifestlye; it broadcasts Euclean adult series and films, documentaries and concerts. It is the channel responsible of broadcasting Euclovision and the Hersonissos Music Festival. Free to air,
cable and satellite
ΠΡΤ παιδιά
PRT Kids.png
A children and adolescents channel, with programming for children aged from four to twelve at daytime, and programming for older adolescent audiences during the evening and night. It was launched during the early 2000s, and has achieved popularity with PRT produced and other Euclean series. Free to air,
cable and satellite
ΠΡΤ Piraea
PRT Piraea Logo.png
The international service of PRT, broadcasts in Euclea, Asteria Superior and selected countries of Asteria Inferior and Coius. Catered towards Piraean expatriates, it also includes the news bulletings from ενα and selected programming from πλους and παιδιά. Cable and satellite

Radio channels

Notable programmes