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Hoywako Horapon

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Hoywakan State of Horapon

穂本ホ和光 (Horpongo)
Hohon howakō (Alaricanisation)
Flag of Hoywako Horapon
Seal of Hoywako Horapon
Anthem: X
Location of Horapon (green) in Hesterath (dark grey)
Location of Horapon (green) in Hesterath (dark grey).
and largest city
Official languagesHorpongo
Recognised regional languagesKitsunese
Ethnic groups
91.3% Horaponi
6.4% Kitsunefolk
64.7% Kaoism
24.3% Tendoism
7.4% No religion
3.6 Others
GovernmentUnitary Hoywakist one-party state
• President
Tano Masuhiro
Kôzuke Doppo
LegislatureNational Congress
c. 100 BCE
22 Marto 220 CE
26 Gunyana 1967–2 Pusper 1979
• Hoywako Horapon established
3 Pusper 1979
23 Hunyo 1982
• Total
405,352 km2 (156,507 sq mi) (X)
• Water (%)
• 1999 census
• Density
228.4/km2 (591.6/sq mi) (X)
GDP (PPP)2000 estimate
• Total
Decrease$9.374 trillion (X)
• Per capita
Neutral decrease$43,938 (X)
GDP (nominal)2000 estimate
• Total
Decrease$9.831 trillion (X)
• Per capita
Decrease$44,248 (X)
Gini (1999)Negative increase 34.7
medium · X
HDI (2000)Increase 0.794
high · X
CurrencyJin (銀/ǂ) (HRJ)
Time zoneMTS-5 (Horaponi Standard Time)
Date formatyyyy/mm/dd
Driving sideright
Calling code+75

Hoywako Horapon (Horpongo: 穂本ホ和光, Hohon howakō) formally the Hoywakan State of Horapon or simply as Horapon is an island country in Hesterath or more specifically in the Hesterath lowlands. To the north and west, it is bordered by the Horapon Sea; while to the south and east, it is bordered by the Aquamic Ocean. Additionally, Hoywako Horapon also possesses a maritime border with Ekuchi to the north. With a total area of 405,352 km2 (156,507 sq mi) Hoywako Horapon spans an archipelago of approximately 4000 islands. The four main islands are Kitashiro, Chushin, Shimokaido, and Kamikaido. Minakami is the capital as well as the largest city. Other major cities include Kenzawa, Renyako, Kyuto, Nishimotoi, and Kaminato.

Divided into 17 provinces and 3 autonomous regions, Hoywako Horapon is the X most populated country in Gentu, with a total of 92,582,396 people as of 1999. Due to Horapon's relatively flat terrain, the population is distributed rather evenly with most people living in rural areas than in urban cities, making Hoywako Horapon one of the most agrarian nations in Hesterath.