Media of Gylias

The media of Gylias is highly-developed and diverse, owing to the country's cultural diversity and economic context.


Gylians are among the most avid newspaper readers in Tyran. A variety of newspapers exist at the local, regional, and federal level. They are distinguished by format: local newspapers are compact, regional newspapers are Berliner, and federal newspapers are broadsheet. Federal newspapers' coverage is similar to news magazines, and they often coordinate with regional newspapers to provide domestic news.

The majority of federal newspapers are published bilingually, in English and French. A few are unilingually French, such as L'Actualité and L'Commerçant.


Federal newspapers include the following:

Federal economic newspapers include the following:

Regional and local newspapers include the following:

  • The Nyretak Times
  • The Kyman Herald
  • The Riáona Post
  • The Maveás Free Press
  • The Aðnat Bulletin
  • The Lænas Journal
  • The Keraþ Chronicle
  • The Garés Gazette
  • The Antánas Tribune





Media regulations

The principles of media law include ensuring universal access to information, preserving democracy, preventing consolidation of media ownership, guaranteeing fair coverage and diversity of viewpoints, and maintaining good standards, ethics, and practices. They are enforced by the National Broadcasting Office and Information Bureau.

Stringent competition laws and press support have contributed significantly to the diversity of the Gylian media. In accordance with the Economic Code, all media companies are cooperatives. Private broadcasters are run on a non-capitalist basis: community radio and public-access television are volunteer-run non-profits; larger stations are funded by viewer contributions, some advertising, private donations, subscription fees, or other means.

The role of the Information Bureau, as a national news agency and fact checking service which evaluates and approves stories for accuracy, has been controversial abroad.