Operation Rapture

Operation Rapture
Part of the Western and West Vierz fronts of the Great War
Tieradan troops enter West Apelia
Date8 September – 13 November 1946
(2 months and 5 days)

Allied victory

  • Apelia capitulates to the Allied Powers
 Vierz Empire
Template:Country data Republic of Aranquia
Commanders and leaders
Vonzumier Wilhelm Schnabel
Vierz Empire Hermann Eschau
Vierz Empire Helmut Bergmann
Vierz Empire Jens Reinhardt
Vierz Empire Bruno Hessel
Camardocia Guillem Vadell
Lemerum Agis Erregui
Template:Country data Republic of Aranquia Alonso Obregón
Hevatia Pieter-Jan Clous
Savland Kristen Ramstad
Borish Republic Florentijn Schotman
Second Apelian Republic Abel Mallaire
Second Apelian Republic Jean-Baptiste Brochard
Second Apelian Republic Jules Charbonnier
Second Apelian Republic Éloi Sharpe
Granzery SR Lázár Molnár
Granzery SR Károly Rákosi

Operation Rapture (Vierz: Unternehmen Entrückung) was the codename for the Allied offensive against Apelia conducted in the autumn of 1946, during the Great War. The main offensive on the Southern front was led by Tierada and supported by Vonzumier, Camardocia, Lemerum, Aranquia, and Hevatia; a concurrent and complementary offensive on the northern front was led by the Vierz Empire, supported by Savland and Borland. The initial offensive broke a nine-month-long deadlock on the Western front and drove the Apelian Army into a full rout. The offensive concluded with the end of the Battle of Belens, which saw the capital of Apelia fall under Allied control. Apelian prime minister Abel Mallaire, having already fled to Granzery, resigned shortly after the end of the battle, and his successor Jean-Baptiste Brochard ordered the surrender of the Apelian military.