Public Advocate of Gylias

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The Public Advocate of Gylias (French reformed: Défenseuse d'Peuple) is an administrative agency, reporting to the Ministry of Justice and Parliament, which is responsible for investigating and addressing public complaints of maladministration or violations of constitutional rights.

The Public Advocate is nominated by the President based on the advice of professional organisations — largely with the same method used to appoint judges — and confirmed by Parliament. They serve a single term of 5 years. While the Office of the Public Advocate operates under the Ministry of Justice, the latter has a purely administrative role, to protect the office's independence.

Responsibilities of the Public Advocate include acting on the basis of complaints and requests against claims of official misbehaviour, protecting the observance of rights and freedoms, protecting whistleblowers and the right to public access to information, and making relevant recommendations to policy. Specialised offices within the OPA exist to protect and promote equality, children's welfare, and consumer rights, among others.

Apart from the federal level, there are 20 regional Public Advocates, as well as municipal ones.