Prime Minister of Gylias

Prime Minister of Gylias
Lena Haidynraix

since 1 February 2020
Member ofCabinet of Gylias
Reports toParliament
Prime Ministers are responsible for their own accommodation.
SeatMişeyáke, Mişeyáke
NominatorIncumbent's political party and parliamentary alliance
AppointerPresident of Gylias
Based on incumbent's ability to gain majority support in the Parliament
Term lengthFour years
Renewable indefinitely as long as the incumbent has majority support in the Parliament
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Gylias
Formation2 January 1958
First holderDarnan Cyras
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister
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The Prime Minister of Gylias (French: Premier ministre gylienne) is the federal head of government of Gylias. They chair the federal Cabinet of Gylias, and direct and coordinate the policy of the government in cooperation with the rest of the cabinet.


Due to the prevailing anarchist heritage of the Free Territories, Gylias had no official head of government role at independence. Instead, taking inspiration from the Executive Committee of Kirisaki, Darnan Cyras constituted an Executive Committee, with himself as its chair. The purpose of the Executive Committee was intended to be primarily supervisory and coordinating, leaving communal assemblies as the main locus of power.

The popular drafting process that produced the Constitution of Gylias, adopted in 1961, was marked by a sometimes uneasy compromise between anarchist and liberal schools of thought. The anarchists accepted certain symbolic concessions in return for articles that were seen as preserving the anarchist character inherited from the Free Territories. The Constitution thus renamed the Executive Committee to the Cabinet of Gylias, and the chair became the Prime Minister, while in substance their responsibilities remained limited.


The Prime Minister is the chair of the cabinet. Their primary role is to assemble the cabinet, determine its agenda, co-ordinate its activities, and take part in preparing preliminary resolutions and decisions for the Parliament to consider.

The Prime Minister chairs the weekly meetings of the cabinet and has the power to set the agenda of the meetings. Informally, the Prime Minister is the main representative of the cabinet, responding for the government's activities and overall direction to the public and Gylian Parliament. They mainly carry out the duty of meeting and coordinating with regional and local governments, and seek support for their proposals from the people and the legislatures.

The Prime Minister also has some functions in international affairs, shared with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of Gylias.

Whenever the Prime Minister is out of the country, ill or incapacitated, the Deputy Prime Minister fulfils their functions until they can resume their duties.

The responsibilities of the Prime Minister are strongly limited by various factors: the primacy of communal assemblies, shared responsibilities with local and regional governments in accordance with the subsidiarity principle, the multi-party system of Gylian politics, and the collegial system of the cabinet. In practice, the position's main role is that of a national platform from which to advocate an agenda.

Appointment mechanism

Following a federal election, the leader of the coalition likely to secure majority support in the Gylian Parliament is designated Prime Minister by the President and asked to form a government. Following negotiations and consultations, the designated Prime Minister forms a coalition and advises the President to appoint the cabinet members. The resulting cabinet is subject to a motion of confidence, and affirms the oath of office:

I promise to protect and preserve the Constitution and laws, and always serve the general interest and welfare of Gylians.

The Prime Minister's term in office ends if they lose a recall election in their circonscription, if they lose a budget vote, or if they lose a motion of no confidence vote. The cabinet then resigns, and the President asks for the formation of another government. They remain in office as caretaker until their successor is confirmed.

Salary and other benefits

The Prime Minister does not receive any amenities, being required to arrange their own accommodation, and collect a salary equivalent to an average worker's wage, subject to normal income tax. The absence of an official office and residence was a precedent established by Darnan Cyras, who sought to minimise the "pageantry" surrounding the office.

The Prime Minister is entitled to unpaid leave, and has the power to determine their vacation days per year.

The Prime Minister has transportation and security services at their disposal at all times, but not all of them have chosen to make use of the former, instead preferring to travel by public transport in Gylias and purchasing seats on commercial flights abroad.

List of Prime Ministers

Portrait Name
Term of office Political party
Electoral bloc
Government Election
Took office Left office Duration Cabinet Composition
1 DarnanCyras.jpg Darnan Cyras
2 January 1958 5 March 1976 6637 days DCP
First Darnan Cyras Cabinet[1] DCPSPSDPNLPNUPPRRA
Second Darnan Cyras Cabinet[1] DCPSPSDPNLPNUPPRRA 1958
Third Darnan Cyras Cabinet PALUIRAM 1962
Fourth Darnan Cyras Cabinet PALUIRAM 1969
The first and longest-serving Prime Minister of Gylias.[1] His term in office saw the continuation of the Free Territories' anarchist organisation through direct democratic communal assemblies, the formation of a nationwide public sector, the popular drafting and adoption of the Constitution and six codes, and political reforms including the creation of the bicameral Gylian Parliament and the emergence of five-party electoral blocs. Encouraged by his government, the Golden Revolution had a massive impact on Gylian life: an economic boom brought significant increases in living standards and equality, progressive social reforms modernised and reshaped society, and a thriving popular culture emerged. Did not run for reelection in 1976, but remained as caretaker pending the formation of a new government.
2 AénĎanez.jpg Aén Ďanez
5 March 1976 30 May 1986 3738 days RWP
First Aén Ďanez Cabinet RRPAIRAM 1976
Second Aén Ďanez Cabinet RRPAIRAM 1980
Second Aén Ďanez Cabinet RRIRAM[2]
The second Prime Minister of Gylias. An authoritarian socialist, she formed a tense coalition government with the PA, which descended into acrimony and internal conflicts as each bloc sought to marginalise the other. She sought to move Gylias towards a centralised planned economy with greater industrialisation and state involvement, igniting protracted conflicts with Gylian civil society and cooperatives. Her aggressive governing style precipitated the wretched decade: a period of demoralisation in the public services, worsening diplomatic relations with other countries, and economic stagnation and decline. Remained in office as caretaker after 1985, but controversially behaved as if she had been reelected as full Prime Minister. Caused the Ossorian war crisis, which led to her immediate removal by a galvanised opposition. She was subsequently convicted and sent to a social quarantine area, where she was declared dead in 1989.
3 FilomenaPinheiro.jpg Filomena Pinheiro
30 May 1986 1 February 1990 1343 days Independent
Filomena Pinheiro National Unity Cabinet PALUCGNB–Various NI
The third Prime Minister of Gylias. A long-serving independent parliamentarian, she was chosen as Prime Minister by Parliament after the Ossorian war crisis. She formed a national unity government, including all electoral blocs and non-inscrit parties except the RR, FROS, and "molehill parties". Known for her contemplative manner and fondness for floating ideas, she pursued the New Course policy, seeking to "detoxify" public life, restore the quality of public services, and reform the law to strengthen oversight of governments and limit their power relative to communal assemblies. She encouraged grassroots efforts to improve the Gylian economy, and convened the Public Assembly to consider economic questions. Several political realignments took place during her tenure: the RR and FROS were destroyed as political forces, the UFP split from the NB, the appearance of the NAF, and the established blocs rebuilt their reputations after the wretched decade. She worked with her government to restore good relations with other countries, devoting particular efforts to improving relations with Ossoria. Ruled out serving a term in her own right.
4 MathildeVieira.jpg Mathilde Vieira
1 February 1990 1 February 2008 6574 days NLP
First Mathilde Vieira Cabinet LUNAFLNDIRAM 1990
Second Mathilde Vieira Cabinet LUNAFLNDIRAM 1995
Third Mathilde Vieira Cabinet LUNAFLNDIRAM 2000
Fourth Mathilde Vieira Cabinet LUNAFLNDIRAM 2004
The fourth Prime Minister of Gylias. She formed a "plural coalition" government, officially composed of the LU, IRAM, Mielikki Salonen's NAF, and LND, but including ministers from other parties not officially part of the coalition. Her government relied on negotiating support from different parliamentary groups on a case-by-case basis. Her tenure saw the preservation and adaptation of the Gylian consensus, economic revitalisation, major environmental reforms, and the massive expansion of the Internet in Gylias, which contributed to significant growth in digital democracy and decentralised planning. She convened the Decleyre Summit and created the Social Partnership Program, influential events in ameliorating public attitudes towards enterprise and wealth. Her government ended the GNBS' monopoly on federal broadcasting, and strengthened local and regional governments, cementing Gylias' unofficial dual power political system.
5 KaoriKawashima-1.jpg Kaori Kawashima
1 February 2008 1 February 2012 1461 days NUP
Kaori Kawashima Cabinet LUPAIRAM 2008
The fifth Prime Minister of Gylias. She continued her predecessor's managerial approach, and abandoned the "plural coalition" in favour of a formal coalition with the PA. Declined to run for reelection.
6 ToniVallas-small.jpg Toni Vallas
1 February 2012 1 February 2020 2922 days SDP
First Toni Vallas Cabinet PALUGPIRAM 2012
Second Toni Vallas Cabinet PALUGPIRAM 2016
The sixth and youngest Prime Minister of Gylias. Forming the first federal traffic light coalition, she pursued more leftist and eco-socialist policies, particularly aiming to make Gylias a circular economy.
7 LenaHaidynraix.jpg Lena Haidynraix
1 February 2020 Incumbent 461 days CNP
Lena Haidynraix Cabinet NBCGUNRIRAM 2020
The seventh Prime Minister of Gylias. She formed Gylias' first centre-right government, a minority NBCGUNR coalition relying on support from anarchist parties, in exchange for stronger support of the KSA in Æþurheim's civil war.

1 Until the Constitution of Gylias came into force, Darnan Cyras was officially the Chair of the Executive Committee, and the cabinet was the Executive Committee of Gylias.

2 The PA left the cabinet on 21 March 1983.