Luepolan Spring

Luepolan Spring
Part of the Silent War
1977 Tank Prisek.jpg
Protestors atop a tank during the March Uprising.
Native name Ľupolska Vesna
DateApril 1977 - July 1993

The Luepolan Spring (LuepolanĽupolska Vesna) refers to the period of Luepolan history characterized by the perceived reawakening of a Luepolan national consciousness and assertment of sovereignty from the Vierz Empire and the CPCA. The period is accepted to have begun with the 1977 Luepolan Football Riots, and ended with the reelection of Emil Ivanušić to the Luepolan presidency in 1989; it encompasses the March Uprising and Luepolan War. The Luepolan Spring is widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent and influential subconflicts in the Silent War; the protracted war and loss of an important strategic partner heightened Vierzland's already prominent financial and political troubles which later led to the end of its monarchy.