Lorecian Community

Flag of Lorecian Community Dutch: Loreciaanse gemeenschap German: Loreciänische Gemeinschaft French: Communauté lorécienne Fyngarian: Kóreti Lórecig Scanonian: Lorecianska gemenskapen
Motto: In varietate unitas (latin)
"Unity in diversity"
Location of the Lorecian Community in Astyria
Location of the Lorecian Community in Astyria
Administrative centerBruningen, Noordenstaat
Official languagesEnglish
Member states Albeinland
 Aurora Confederacy
1 January 1990
3,063,522 km2 (1,182,832 sq mi)
• 2016 estimate
• Density
101.78/km2 (263.6/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Time zoneUTC

The Lorecian Community (LC) is an economic and political union of 7 member countries located in Lorecia, Astyria. It was established after a round of agreements between the 5 countries in Lorecia. The final agreement, the Bruningen Accord, was signed on 5 July 1994 and officially established the Lorecian Community. In the Bruningen Accord, the member countries agreed to establish a union with free movement of people, goods, services, and capital in an internal single market. The Lorecian Community also employs a system of standardised laws between the member nations, which allows for a unified legislation in justice and home affairs, agriculture, regional development and fisheries. Passport and customs checks between the member countries have been abolished with a project of a Lorecian citizenship.

After the signing of the Bruningen Accord in 1994, Noordenstaat, Scanonia, Nidwalden, Fyngaria, Aurora Confederacy and Albeinland became founding members of the Lorecian Community, agreeing in common policies and cooperation. Since then, the only expansion the Community has undergone was during 2004 with the inclusion of Mizialand. As a response to growing lorscepticism, member nations reunited in Nidwalden during 2010 and signed the Treaty of Vaduz which contemplated the procedure to withdraw from Community institutions. Although while the Treaty came into force in January 2011, no nation has made use of it.

With a total population of 296,517,989, the Lorecian Community is one of the most powerful economic blocks of Astyria, its closest economic partners include former colonies such as Hindia Belanda and Lorecian non-member nations like Caledonia. All LC nations are catalogued as having very high Human Development Index and most of them are internationally recognised for having low corruption rates and full democracies; since its creation, members of the LC have worked as mediators in several conflicts across the region and currently leads anti-piracy operations in Astyria. The Lorecian Community has participation in the Astyrian Peace Organization and the E10 Council of Nations besides of counting with several cultural offices in non-members nations. The current Secretary General of the Lorecian Community is the former Scanonian Prime Minister Anders Mårtensson.