WorldVision Song Contest 114

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114th WorldVision Song Contest
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WorldVision 114 Theme Art.png
Host Information
DateJune 3, 2024
Chiton, Beepee
PresentersTom Fullery
Executive SupervisorsWorldVision Committee
Executive ProducerMs Fanny Golightly
Host BroadcasterBONC
Number of Entries20
Debuting NationsMimetica, United Mandaran States
Returning NationsVartugia, Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic, Britonisea, Carrelie, Plangainer
Non-returning NationsElejamie, Placely Placington, Adab, Mister X, Missus X, Mother CupcakKe, Suurna, Ugunnustan, Pais Occitans, Robloxian Robloxia, CangutaRub
Voting systemEach national jury awards their top 10 points, from 12, 10, 8-1. A proportional televote is then given out, amounting to the same total as the jury.
Winning songGallicelèstia
"Tutto O Niente"
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The 114th WorldVision Song Contest was held on 3rd June 2024, in Chiton, Beepee. Organised by the International Broadcasting Alliance (IBA) and host broadcaster the Beepeean Occasional News Corporation (BONC). The contest took place in Chiton, Beepee and held in the EcoDome. The live show was presented by Tom Fullery.

This was the second time that Beepee hosted the contest, having done so for the 97th Edition of the contest, held in Norfolk Pinewoods.

Twenty countries competed. Gallicelèstia with the song "Tutto O Niente" by Eleanora, marking their first win in the contest. Plangainer won the jury votes but overall places second, just one point behind, their best placing to date. Malta Comino Gozo placed third, The Alezian Union fourth and Saint Monkey achieved their best result to date completing the top five.


The state capital of Catenham, Chiton, has been transformed over recent years from a small, but well heeled, town into a large economic powerhouse driven by the lucrative uranium mining industry in the nearby Catenham Hills.

The city skyline has grown over the past 4 years and is now punctuated with large modern skyscrapers being headquarters of major mining corporations.

Major mining corporations have headquartered in Chiton and wield significant influence over state policies and development projects, contributing to both prosperity and debates over corporate power. Indeed, the influx of wealth from the uranium industry has led to a cultural renaissance, with the city boasting modern art galleries, theaters, and vibrant nightlife in downtown Chiton.

Whilst the city has embraced cutting-edge technology in uranium extraction, with advanced mining equipment and eco-friendly practices to mitigate environmental impact. The city also grapples with environmental challenges and public debates over the ecological impact of uranium mining, leading to increased advocacy for sustainable practices. The Green Energy Initiative, a local movement, seeks to balance economic growth with environmental preservation. Closed mined areas are rehabilitated focusing on reforestation, soil remediation, and wildlife habitat restoration, resulting in large national parks surrounding the main city.

The recent growth of the city has seen a diverse influx of residents, from miners to academics, creating a dynamic social fabric, with a multicultural, cosmopolitan scene. Chiton's neighborhoods range from bustling urban districts to suburban areas, reflecting the varied lifestyles of its inhabitants

Host Bidding Process

Only two host bids were received by the WorldVision Committee, with the ballot for voting being held between 7 and 13 May 2024 between member broadcasters.

Acina, StrayaRoos

The city of Acina was bidding for the first time to host the contest. The bid was the fifth from StrayaRoos, who had previously hosted the 103rd Edition in Richmond, StrayaRoos.

Previous Bids
  • Pale, WorldVision 95
  • Circunses, WorldVision 96
  • Richmond, WorldVision 103
  • Acaua, WorldVision 107
  • Acina, WorldVision 114

Chiton, Beepee

By contrast, Chiton was bidding for the second successive cycle, having lost to Light City, Saint Monkey the previous edition. Beepee had bid on 7 prior occasions and had previously hosted the 97th Edition in Norfolk Pinewoods, Beepee.

Previous Bids
  • Norfolk Pinewoods, WorldVision 85
  • Banksia, WorldVision 89
  • Hercules, WorldVision 95
  • Norfolk Pinewoods, WorldVision 97
  • Hercules, WorldVision 98
  • Norfolk Pinewoods, WorldVision 112
  • Chiton, WorldVision 113
  • Chiton, WorldVision 114

In addition to the above, Sion entered a host city bid for WorldVision 111. This bid was withdrawn prior to the deadline as a result of Beepee's hosting of World Hit Festival 73.


The WorldVision Committee published the outcome of the ballot on 14 May 2024, announcing that Chiton, Beepee would host the 114th edition of the WorldVision Song Contest.

Key:  †  Host city

Venue Capacity City Nation Place Points
Acina Music Center 20,000 Acina StrayaRoos 2nd 74 points
EcoDome 36,000 Chiton Beepee 1st 80 points

Participating Entries


The EcoDome is a large 55,000 maximum capacity multi-sports and arena building, constucted over the past 4 years, as part of Chiton's growth and opened on 1 January 2024.

For the purposes of WorldVision, capacity was reudced to 36,000. This is to allow for green room, backstage and commentators boxes.

The staging consists of three separate LED stages connected by a broad ramp: a main stage with a giant, curved widescreen; a rhombic middle stage; and a rectangular stage that along with the ramp forms a T-shape at the middle of the floor. The stages feature various visuals and effects throughout the show.

The production aides consists of smoke machines, PixMob LED bracelets, light beams, confetti shooters, coordinated serial lights, pyrotechnics, and hydraulic platforms. The middle rhombic stage has mobile blocks that can elevate to form different platform shapes throughout the show.


Beepeean television host and comedian, Tom Fullery, and is best known outside of Beepee for hosting the 114th WorldVision Song Contest.

Fullery has regularly worked for BONC since 2018, hosting comedy, reality and quiz shows such as Celebrity Squares, Farmer wants a Husband and Married at First Glance.

Contest Overview

The contest was opened by host, Tom Fullery, who after a brief introduction to the show presented the opening Act "Another Music Show", performed by Geōrgios Kunz.

The schlager song, written by Otto Tune, was a lighthearted take on the similarities between the WorldVision Song Contest and other music contests. The song received praise from some nations, however bewildered others.

Following the opening number, Fullery returned to the stage to introduce the entrants through the Parade of Nations. After which the first entrant, Carrelie, performed. Host interventions were held sporadically throughout the show to allow participating broadcaster to air commercial breaks.

The first host Intervention occurred after the 6th entrant, from Furballland. Host, Tom Fullery, provided a short history of the first ever WorldVision, and then reminded viewers to vote only after they had seen all the acts. The second host Intervention occurred after the 13th entrant, from Cassanges. Fullery interviewed WorldVision 97 host, Harry Balsac, reminiscing on his hosting experiences. Then, Fullery reminded audiences of the WorldVision App for a wider digital experience. The third host Intervention occurred prior to the Alinghi performance where Tom Fullery reminded viewers of the fourteenth WorldVision Song Contest. The final host interventionovcurred after the 29th entry (Axuva), where the most WorldVision wins leaderboard was presented with a clip of Polkopia (the current leaders) last performance played, before Fullery informed viewers they could purchase the DVD of tonight's show.

The contest saw two returning acts: The Crustyland Soccer Fan Choir representing Crustyland and Fakawi representing Malta Comino Gozo who both competed in WorldVision 106 respectively.

Number Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Carrelie Karolien Child Of Hers 17th 58
02 Plangainer Stefanie Feliciano Žydroje 2nd 216
03 Furballland Ophelia Naibakvar Constellation 16th 71
04 Saint Monkey Jazz Box How Mighty 5th 172
05 Crustyland Crustyland Soccer Fan Choir The Beepee Song 14th 77
06 Malta Comino Gozo Fakawi Urban Jungle 3rd 192
07 Kinqueven Ka Uma Live On 18th 54
08 StrayaRoos Zak Ngalawa dyi 10th 122
09 United Mandaran States Trisna Mirayani Tak Ingin Lagi 15th 76
10 Beepee Gigi Zahors Until Daylight 11th 109
11 Waisnor Eva Sestrichki 12th 88
12 Mimetica Wilma Fingerdoo Snow White 13th 87
13 Achaean Republic Yadira Polanco Yo Lo Sé 6th 170
14 Alezian Union Alezian Union MUSA/ADAM ft. Laura Kottier Amicably Respected, Respectfully Avoided 4th 173
15 Federal-Democratic Republic of Alinghi DJ Joo'tha & Klinne Emersan Morina Atlantis is so much Beautiful 19th 19
16 Vartugia AImy GENERATOR Our entry is formated like this for some reason 20th 11
17 Gallicelèstia Eleanora Tutto O Niente 1st 217
18 Kalosia Bruno Baľarti Luna 8th 125
19 Britonisea Roksie Rakas & RYBACK Party Animal 7th 160
20 Aenglide ANTERYTOVER, Sannus, Dukasettelskågen Lettængelsgött 9th 123

Detailed Voting Results

Split results of WorldVision 114
Place Combined Jury Televoting
Country Points Country Points Country Points
1 Gallicelèstia 217 Plangainer 115 Gallicelèstia 104
2 Plangainer 216 Gallicelèstia 113 Plangainer 101
3 Malta Comino Gozo 192 Malta Comino Gozo 103 Alezian Union Alezian Union 96
4 Alezian Union Alezian Union 173 Saint Monkey 80 Saint Monkey 92
5 Saint Monkey 172 Britonisea 78 Achaean Republic 92
6 Achaean Republic 170 Achaean Republic 78 Malta Comino Gozo 89
7 Britonisea 160 Alezian Union Alezian Union 77 Britonisea 82
8 Kalosia 125 Kalosia 62 Aenglide 73
9 Aenglide 123 Beepee 57 StrayaRoos 70
10 StrayaRoos 122 StrayaRoos 52 Kalosia 63
11 Beepee 109 Aenglide 50 Beepee 52
12 Waisnor 88 Furballland 48 Mimetica 52
13 Mimetica 87 United Mandaran States 46 Waisnor 47
14 Crustyland 77 Waisnor 41 Crustyland 41
15 United Mandaran States 76 Crustyland 36 United Mandaran States 30
16 Furballland 71 Mimetica 35 Kinqueven 27
17 Carrelie 58 Carrelie 32 Carrelie 26
18 Kinqueven 54 Kinqueven 27 Furballland 23
19 Alinghi FDR 19 Alinghi FDR 19 Alinghi FDR 0
20 Vartugia 11 Vartugia 11 Vartugia 0

Voting Grid

12 Points

12 points awarded by nations in WorldVision Song Contest 114
No. Recipient Countries giving 12 points
4 Gallicelèstia Aenglide, Saint Monkey, United Mandaran States, Waisnor
3 Alezian Union Alezian Union Carrelie, Beepee, Mimetica
2 Malta Comino Gozo Alinghi FDR, Furballland
Mimetica Britonisea, Crustyland
Plangainer Achaean Republic, Kalosia
Saint Monkey Malta Comino Gozo, StrayaRoos
1 Achaean Republic Gallicelèstia
Britonisea Plangainer
Alinghi FDR Kinqueven
Furballland Vartugia
Kalosia Alezian Union Alezian Union

Broadcast Ratings

Viewership by participating nations
Nation Broadcaster Avg. viewers
Alezian Union Alezian Union ABA 88,48 65.5%
Britonisea BVC 5,08 24.8%
Carrelie STC 11,03 19.3%
Furballland OTR 52,13 13.6%
Gallicelèstia RTG 605,92 76.5%
Malta Comino Gozo MCGBC 0,5 95%
Plangainer AIM 9,66 60.7%
Saint Monkey SMBS 7,00 37.1%
StrayaRoos rtvS 18,90 26.2%