Mascyllary Air Force

Mascyllary Air Force
Luftheer logo.png
Logo of the Air Force administration
Founded9 February 1919; 101 years ago
Country Mascylla
BranchAir force
RoleAerial warfare
Size23,827 (January 2020)
514 aircraft
2,700 reserve personnel
Part ofReichswehr
Nickname(s)Wingmen, Flying Deers
Motto(s)Immer bereit. ("Always ready.")
Colors     blue
Marschall der LuftstreitkräfteJulius Götzge
Ceremonial chiefMarschall Erhard Meil
Colonel of
the Regiment
Generalmajor Günther Hardt
Generalleutnant Johannes Rathmann
Generalmajor Janssen Kahlert
Oberst Matthias Schrödel
Brigadegeneral Dieter Persche
EnsignAir Force Ensign Mascylla.png
RoundelRoundel Mascylla.png
Fin flashEnsign Mascylla.png

The Mascyllary Air Force (Hesurian: Maskillisches Luftheer, lit. 'air army', Hesurian pronunciation: [ˈlʊftˌveːɐ̯]) is the air force and branch for aerial warfare of the Reichswehr of Mascylla. The commander of the Air Force is Marshal of the Air Force Julius Götzge, and is supervised by the Minister of Defence of the Realm Rüdiger Meißert and Prime Minister Thomas Falkner. As of 2020, the branch had a strength of 23,827 active soldiers and 2,700 reserve personnel, 414 aircraft, operated twelve air bases, and maintained presence at three civil airports. Its size makes it the largest air force within the Erdaran Union. The Mascyllary Air Force was founded in 1919 as part of the military of the Mascyllary Kingdom. There is no organizational and franchise continuity between the current Air Force and its predecessor, which was completely disbanded in 1924.

The Air Force's mission is to support the objectives of the Reichswehr and the Ministry of Defence at large: "to protect the integrity and safety of Mascylla and to promote, sustain, and support peace and security internationally." In comparison to its other branches, it receives more funding and is equiped with more modern technology. Its operational fleet is very varied, but consists largely of fixed-wing aircraft such as fighter and strike aircraft, airbone early warning and control, ISTAR, SIGINT, aerial refueling, and strategic and tactical transport. Though it is specifally for aerial affairs, the other branches of military also maintain air power suited for their maritime, lettoral and land environments respectively.


Air bases

Map of the air bases of the Mascyllary Air Force

Ranks and insignia


 Mascylla Marschall der Luftstreitkräfte Marschall Generalleutnant Generalmajor Brigadegeneral Oberst Hauptleutnant Major Kapitän Oberstleutnant Leutnant Unterleutnant
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