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Competitive intelligence Office

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Competititve Intelligence Office
Ch'ejen Wayak' Ete
Traded asCH'WE
IndustryCompetitive intelligence
Organizational intelligence
FoundedMay 25 1992
FounderJasaw Chan K'awiil V
ServicesConsulting firm
Revenue365 million Baats (2019)
Number of employees
211 (2019)

The CH'WE (Mutli: Ch'ejen Wayak' Ete) is the Mutulese leader in Competitive intelligence and one of the largest society in the sector at the Oxidentalese level. Created by royal decree in 1992 as a government agency, it became a Public company in 2001 but conserved its name. In 2017, the society' crossed the symbolic threshold of 75 million Latin solidus in revenues.


The K'uhul Ajaw Jasaw Chan K'awiil V took the throne in 1991 after the death of his father. He enacted sweeping economic reforms to modernize the "Market System", aiming for both a greater freedom of trade and developing a more indirect approach to state interventions. A year after his enthronement, in May 25 1992, Jasaw Chan K'awiil V and his government published a large number of decrees, among which was one officialy creating an independent government agency aiming to the systematic collection and analysis of market information in the goal of proposing a coordinated CI program. A few weeks later, an addendum to the decree would precise the name the agency. It would be the first mention of the name "Competitive Intelligence Office".

Immediately afterward, the CH'WE developed an activity of colleciton, summation, and distribution of informations gathered by the network of scientific employees within Mutuleses embassies accross the globe. The Office would prove central in the Divine Throne effort to establish and develop Economic Intelligence Centers at every echellons of the Mutul' administrative system.

In 1995, the Office open a new Secretariat dedicated to the transmission of competitive and technological intelligence to the great enterprises of the Divine Kingdom, as well as providing advices in how to optimize their market and development strategies.

A new decree published in 2001 changed the status of the Office from a government agency to a state-owned Public company traded at the K'uhul Wayib' K'iwik. The Divine Throne would always make sure to retain no less than 66%, as per the Dirigist planning of the K'uhul Ajaw.

Since 2014, the CH'WE is especially active in Charnea, helping Mutuleses but also Rezeses companies and funds to find a footing in this relatively new environment, working closely with the Mutulese Embassy and local actors. By 2019, the information and counsels of the CH'WE were central to the development of the Trans-Thalassian Investment Plant created by the Divine Throne with the partnership of various Mutuleses enterprises willing to invest in Charnea. The next year, it was given the Executive Secretariat of the Charnean Economic Safety Committee.

In 2010, for the first time in its history, the Divine Throne decided to sell more than just a third of the society, with its actives dropping down at 60%. Investors include the major Mutuleses trust funds, as well as other free-floating actors.


Diplomatic Businesses Commitee

Headquartered in K'alak Muul, this Committee is aimed mostly at the great companies of the K'uhul Wayib' K'iwik. Main domains of intervention include Industrial Strategies, Economic and Financial Security,Identification of Influence Networks and Decision-making Circuits, Competitive Game Analysis, as well as Institutional Communications.

To provide these services, the CH'WE has at its disposition specialized consultants depending on the sectors and languages. The society' networks cover the following regions of Ajax: Oxidentale, Norumbia, Ochran, Malaio, and Scipia, with offices in Tsurushima, Pulau Keramat, Charnea, and Elatia.

Regional Intelligence Commitee

Risk Management Commitee