Election day (Kylaris)

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Election day by weekday
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Election day or polling day is the day on which general elections are held. The countries of the world hold elections on a number of different days; in most countries elections are consistently held on the same day of the week. The exact day used is dependent on local context, culture, politics and history.

The most common election days are Friday or the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday, though a significant minority of countries hold elections on other weekdays. These might be declared a public holiday in an effort to increase voter turnout. In other cases, a weekday may be chosen in a purposeful effort to depress voter turnout in an illiberal or Southern democracy. In geographically large countries it is common for elections to be held across multiple days; this is most prominently seen in the Global South, and in the Euclean Community, which holds elections according to the election days of its member states across a week-long period. In many countries, absentee ballots can be cast, such as through postal votes, on days other than election day.

The popularity of Friday and Saturday as an election day originated both from Amendism, which forbode activities other than church-going on Sundays, and from anti-clericalism in Catholic countries, which sought to place election day as far as possible away from Sunday mass and the percieved influence of the clergy.

List of election days

Election days by country

Country Continent Election day Public holiday Notes
 Alsland Euclea Monday
 Amathia Euclea Saturday N/A
Asterian Federative Republic Asteria Wednesday No
 Azmara Euclea Sunday N/A
Borland Euclea Saturday N/A
 Carucere Asteria Saturday N/A
 Champania Euclea Monday
 Dezevau Coius Sunday N/A
 Estmere Euclea Friday Yes
 Gaullica Euclea Sunday N/A
Ghamistan Coius Several days
 Hennehouwe Euclea Friday
 Île d'Émeraude Asteria Friday Yes
 Imagua and the Assimas Asteria Friday No
 Kesselbourg Euclea Sunday N/A
 Montecara Euclea Several days No
 North Kabu Coius Friday
 Piraea Euclea Sunday N/A
 Rizealand Asteria Sunday N/A
 Rwizikuru Coius Friday No
 Satavia Asteria Saturday N/A
 Satucin Asteria Monday
 Scovern Euclea Tuesday
 Senria Coius Monday
 Shangea Coius Several days
 Werania Euclea Friday
 West Miersa Euclea Sunday N/A
 Yemet Coius Several days

Other election days

Region Continent Election day Public holiday Notes
 Euclean Community Euclea Several days Takes place across a week, with citizens voting on the election day of their member state.

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