Provinces of Trellin

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The following are lists of provinces of Trellin and Hysera - that is, of provinces of the Sidereal Crown - and counties of the Isles of Velar, and of the constituent protectorates of the Trellinese Empire. Provinces and protectorates are listed alphabetically.

While Velaran counties operate within defined and consistent administrative limits, there is a substantial variation in the level of devolution granted to different provinces within Trellin and Hysera. Provinces under the Trellinese monarchy were deemed at varying levels — known as Differential Devolution — until they were nominally standardised by Karindos III in the 1950s.

Provinces and counties

Full native name
Full name in English
Area (km2)
Year of formation
Flag of Alyrum.png
Alyrum location map.png
Berend Alyrumoi Duchy of Alyrum Trellin Kahalkë 7,313,859 25,181.94
Flag of Asketon.png
Asketon location map.png
Forsi Asketoi City of Asketon Trellin Asketon 6,128,563 973.68
Flag of Azmir.png
Azmir location map.png
Metlan Azmirka Margraviate of Azmir Trellin Khem 17,317,092 96,075.06 1988
Flag of Bal Emrith.png
Bal Emrith location map.png
Metlan Tedremoi Balka Emrith Landgraviate of Bal Emrith Trellin Taramë 1,496,452 44,637.27
File:Flag of Dazya.png
Dazya location map.png
Dazya Dazya Isles of Velar Teyra 2,270,013 15,203.24
Flag of Emla.png
Emla orth.png
Aihei Izker ti'Emla (Ahéri)
Berend Sialechu Emlika (Trellinese)
Stonehewn Duchy of Emla Trellin Bara ti'Emla 17,014,937 71,143.82 1532
Flag of Fymona.png
Fymona location map.png
Berend Tanekh Fymonika Barony of Fymona Trellin Oloros 7,026,792 105,887.24
Flag of the province of Hysera.png
Hysera provincial location map.png
Hysera Hysera Hysera Ledigar 15,660,713 16,149.73
Flag of Idisamo.png
Idisamo in Trellin.png
Metlan Idisamo'ka Margraviate of Idisamo Trellin Betria 4,974,571 12,393.20
Flag of Ja'ekha.png
Ja'ekha location map.png
Berend Serekh Ja'ekhika Grand Duchy of Ja'ekha Trellin Azhedar 12,691,541 114,931.36 1790
Flag of Jajich.png
Jajich location map.png
Mlaqiz ti'Ghadik (Ahéri)
Kerepaqa Jajexa (Trellinese)
Earldom of Jajich Trellin Tar Rethin 1,137,156 9,643.81 1381
Flag of Khatax.png
Khatax location map.png
Malaha Khataxa Territory of Khatax Trellin Gerint 3,150,602 153,712.51 1784
Flag of Kur'mala.png
Kur'mala location map.png
Metlan Tedremoi Kur'mali County Kur'mali Trellin Nephit 9,872,115 130,643.69 1917
Flag of Lekhmir.png
Lekhmir location map.png
Tavesan Lekhmirka Fiefdom of Lekhmir Trellin Tar Pegalim 5,486,194 108,562.79
Flag of Mëhidan.png
Mëhidan location map.png
Tavesan Mëhaidoi Fiefdom of Mëhidan Trellin Kalops 6,188,913 125,624.96
Flag of Mevirin.png
Mevirin location map.png
Berend Meviri'ka Duchy of Mevirin Trellin Txakla 7,277,916 42,512.19
Flag of Namija.png
Namija in Trellin.png
Lametha Namijika Principality of Namija Trellin Cavari 18,419,276 145,993.84 1835
File:Flag of Napos Refon.png
File:Napos Refon location map.png
Napos Refon West Napocis Isles of Velar Styuno 1,552,732 6,234.19 1844
File:Flag of Napos Taon.png
File:Napos Taon location map.png
Napos Taon East Napocis Isles of Velar 660,247 2,583.93 1844
File:Flag of Parthenope.png
Parthenope location map.png
Parthenope Parthenope Isles of Velar Parthenope 1,516,982 491.71 1961
Flag of Pelna.png
Pelna location map.png
Metlan Tedremoi Pelnika County of Pelna Trellin Radulin 6,715,061 37,468.89
File:Flag of Qúnoi.png
Qúnoi location map.png
Qúnoi Qúnoi Isles of Velar Heka 654,565 11,210.72
Flag of Retikh (province).png
Retikh location map.png
Lametha Retiqa Principality of Retikh Trellin Zarthalin 16,951,889 134,962.47 1387
Flag of Rezat.png
Rezat location map.png
Tavesan Rezatai Fiefdom of Rezat Trellin Halith 4,782,629 102,843.62
File:Flag of Saheri.png
Saheri location map.png
Kerepaqa Saherir Earldom of Saheri Trellin Vedalera 12,277,857 46,231.09
File:Flag of Semerar Vosik.png
File:Semerar Vosik location map.png
Semerar Vosik North Semeria Isles of Velar Txir 2,042,621 9,442.09
File:Flag of Tavlar.png
Tavlar location map.png
Kemon Tavlarkon County of Tavlar Isles of Velar Rú Qoh 58,663 1,041.55
Flag of Tenedos.png
Tenedos location map.png
Úfa Reza ti'Tenedos Fair Isle of Tenedos Hysera Elori 700,636 7,068.64
Flag of Ternos.png
Ternos location map.png
Malaha Ternosi Territory of Ternos Trellin Aglin 6,631,070 138,643.93
Trellin royal pennant.png
Trelum location map.png
Trelum Trelum Trellin Martheqa 13,788,124 5,150.34
Flag of the Trophy Ports.png
Trophy Ports location map.png
Demvesaz Toron'qa Khalin Seraf Crown Dominions of the Trophy Ports Trellin Durats (de facto) 1,242,967 762.42
Flag of Zha'tar.png
Zha'tar location map.png
Qúnini ti'Zha'tar Dominion of Zha'tar Hysera Ludef 9,269,235 63,106.38


Full native name
Full name in English
Area (km2)
Year of entrance
(as protectorate)
Flag of Arimathea.png
Arimathea orth.png
Berend Serekh Arimathëka Grand Duchy of Arimathea Arimathea 29,753,184 124,593.38 1903
Cadenza orth.png
Berent Khadeg
Tezhron Khadeg
Cadenzan Duchy /
Cadenzan Republic
Cadenza 1,506,583 5,091.57 1964
Flag of Kur'zhet.png
Kur'zhet orth.png
Berend Kur'zhetai Duchy of Kur'zhet Medlar 2,673,916 8,048.13
Flag of Txekrikar.png
Txekrikar orth.png
Ivezhqoi Txekrimíso (Sa'sseban)
Lametha Txekrikarqa (Trellinese)
Principality of Txekrikar Onostada 7,313,859 25,181.94 1963†

† Txekrikar became a client state of the Trellinese Empire in 1907, and began the ongoing process of provincialisation in 1963.