Flag of Ternos
Ternos (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
Ternos (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
 • Total6,631,070
Area code(s)072, 073

Ternos (pronounced /ˈtɛrnɔːs/), officially the Territory of Ternos (Trellinese: Malaha Ternosi), is a province of the Trellinese Empire. It is the eighteenth-most populous province in Trellin and Hysera and the third largest by total area.

Ternos shares borders with Khatax in the west, Aztec National League in the south, Txekrikar in the east and Më'idan and the Sea of Velar in the north. It includes the islands of Torim A'ikuz and Bregik, among others. The province has a population of 6,631,070 and covers a total area of approximately 138,600 square kilometres. The seat of provincial government is the city of Aglin.


Limestone hums in eastern Ternos

Like much of the southeastern Sea of Velar, east Ternos' bedrock is largely composed of limestone, giving it a distinctive karst landscape. Low plateaux in the interior of the province are broken up into small mountains and rough hills approaching the coast, much like the Andamonian Olahu Peninsula. The eastern half of the province is well-vegetated, with dense tropical rainforest on the coast and lush grassland further inland. The density of vegetation falls with declining soil fertility as distance from the coast increases. In the west, karst topography gives way to sandstone underlying the semiarid scrubland of the Ternosi desert.